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Photo credit: Image courtesy of MSI.
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MSI delivers Creator 17 notebook PC with mini LED display

April 8, 2020
The Creator 17 is the first notebook PC to meet DisplayHDR 1000 standards, besting the performance of other LCD-based screens and OLED-based screens.
The new Synios P2720 CR Series packaged LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors are designed to deliver improved brightness in a compact footprint for automotive rear lamps and fog lamps. (Photo credit: Image courtesy of Osram Opto Semiconductors.)
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Packaged LED news: Osram Opto, Plessey, Everlight, and Seoul

March 11, 2020
Osram Opto has used phosphor-converted red in an LED for automotive rear-facing applications while we have UV-C news and also a development in micro LED technology.
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2020 outlook is fair to partly cloudy, but opportunities lurk (MAGAZINE)

Feb. 25, 2020
MAURY WRIGHT analyzes the latest forecasts and activity that indicate moderate prospects in the LED and SSL industry for 2020.
FIG. 1. Samsung’s The Wall micro-LED TV again gets “oohs and ahhs,” but the company is selling few of the pricey units. (Photo credit: Image courtesy of Samsung.)
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Mini-LED displays approach market, while micro waits in the wings (MAGAZINE)

Jan. 29, 2020
Will 2020 be the year when we see mini- and micro-LED technology breach the commercial market? MAURY WRIGHT went to CES looking for an answer but drew a bust card despite compelling...
German merger and acquisition law grants control of cash to the acquirer only if it picks up at least 75% of the target company’s stock. At 59.3%, ams governs Osram, but doesn’t control the cash. (Photo credit: Image by Helmut Jungclaus via Pixabay; used under free license for commercial or noncommercial purposes.)
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AMS’ acquisition of just-enough Osram shares leaves it needing more for true control

Dec. 10, 2019
At 59.3%, the Austrian sensor maker gained governance of Osram, but it did not gain control of the cash. No wonder ams is trying to buy more. It also faces a rankled Osram workforce...