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    LEDs Magazine September 2023 issue
    Image courtesy of Environments
    Mc Dannald Lw 0923 (1)
    Connected SSL & Controls

    LAST WORD | Environments CEO looks to build a better commercial experience using digital twins

    Sept. 14, 2023
    ERIN MCDANNALD explains how her company's metaverse platform can demonstrate lighting and IoT capabilities to clients as well as extend collaboration with colleagues.
    Image Credit: onurdongel / iStock / Getty Images Plus
    Drosihn Dali 0923
    Connected SSL & Controls

    CONTROLS TECHNOLOGY | DALI supports standardized wireless lighting control architectures

    Sept. 14, 2023
    PAUL DROSIHN summarizes several approaches to implement interoperable controls systems that fully leverage the connectivity, bidirectionality, and lighting-specific data capabilities...
    ID 188775926 © Josepalbert13 | Dreamstime.com
    Martin Harvest 0923
    Manufacturing Services & Testing

    CONTROLS | Energy-harvesting light switch technology meets 2023 NEC specification

    Sept. 14, 2023
    The 2023 NEC specification for wall-mounted devices eliminates stand-alone battery-powered light switches. GRAHAM MARTIN explains how energy harvesting devices can meet the need...
    Image courtesy of BetterBricks, a commercial resource of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
    Lighting designer Aprille Balangue assisted Washington’s Madrona School in realizing the potential of its new LED lighting through luminaire level lighting controls.
    Connected SSL & Controls

    EDUCATION LIGHTING | Simplify school lighting systems with LLLC (UPDATED)

    Sept. 14, 2023
    APRILLE BALANGUE explains how designers and engineers can validate the performance and experience benefits of luminaire-level lighting controls in school settings.
    Albert Vecerka/Esto
    The Powel Science Leadership Academy Middle School (SLAMS) is located on the Drexel University campus in West Philadelphia.
    Architectural Lighting

    PROJECTS | Form follows function when lighting educational spaces

    Sept. 14, 2023
    Lighting design priorities remain the same despite how schools and learning have evolved, as seen in this case study of Powel SLAMS, designed by Rogers Partners with lighting ...

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    Illustration 203046840 © Artshotphoto | Dreamstime.com
    Eca 0923
    Manufacturing Services & Testing

    ENERGY CODE | Lighting and energy audit increases retrofit project success

    Sept. 14, 2023
    GINA GRIFFITHS RODDA explains the importance of defining energy-code compliance requirements for existing buildings, and how lighting audits can ensure that retrofit projects ...
    Image courtesy of Koerner Design
    Original rendering enhanced with the aid of Midjourney generative AI software.
    Architectural Lighting

    PROFILES IN LIGHTING | Koerner Design

    Sept. 14, 2023
    In addition to product development, KOERNER DESIGN consultant Brad Koerner seeks inspiration at the intersection of architectural lighting and digital displays for immersive and...
    Illustration 102209252 © Bakhtiar Zein | Dreamstime.com
    Dreamstime M 102209252
    LEDs & SSL Design

    INDUSTRY INSIGHTS | In session: What to know about patent litigations in the UPC

    Sept. 14, 2023
    IP litigators JONATHAN AUERBACH and DAVID RADULESCU help lighting companies navigate process changes under the European Union’s new Unified Patent Court system.
    Image courtesy of Orion Energy Systems
    Product Spotlight 0723
    Specialty SSL

    PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT | Industrial & Specialty SSL

    Sept. 14, 2023
    LEDs Magazine's September issue features a selection of specialty luminaires and drivers for demanding environments.
    Image courtesy of PureEdge Lighting
    Tunable white technology enables the independent control of color temperature and light intensity within a given application. The color temperature of the light can change from warm to neutral to cool in appearance over time, based on the needs of the occupants or space.
    Architectural Lighting

    ARCHITECTURAL SSL | Tunable white light and its benefits become more accessible

    Sept. 14, 2023
    In an excerpt from Architectural SSL, GREGORY KAY of PureEdge Lighting summarizes advanced, customizable illumination solutions that improve building occupant experience.
    Endeavor Business Media
    Com Le Ds 0923
    LEDs & SSL Design

    COMMENTARY | New ‘kids’ on the block

    Sept. 14, 2023
    CARRIE MEADOWS looks ahead to new conferences on the late summer and fall calendar, and introduces the newest member of the Lighting Group team.
    Illustration 215264951 © VectorMine | Dreamstime.com
    Dreamstime M 215264951
    Lighting for Health & Wellbeing

    GUV SYSTEMS | Rethinking wall plug efficiency for UV-C LEDs in water disinfection

    Sept. 14, 2023
    UV-C LEDs have advanced on a wave of interest in disinfection technology, but EOIN CONNOLLY and RAJUL RANDIVE advise water-disinfection system OEMs to compare light-source WPE...
    Image courtesy of UCSB
    A rendering of the Munger dormitory. Windowless bedrooms are concentrated in the center of the building, surrounded by windowed common areas.
    Lighting for Health & Wellbeing

    UCSB ‘windowless’ dorm design dies

    Aug. 29, 2023
    The University of California has restarted the design process for a controversial student residence that accorded living spaces minimal access to daylight and views.
    Photo 79094980 © Rawpixelimages | Dreamstime.com
    Hopefully the croissant and coffee are good, because the paperwork might well be tedious and confusing. Fluence will handle it for growers claiming rebates on LED purchases.
    Horticultural Lighting

    We’ve heard of lighting as a service, but how about rebates as a service?

    Aug. 23, 2023
    A little known offering by Fluence has helped horticultural lighting customers claim back considerable cash for their expenditures on LED gear.
    courtesy of Innerscene
    A row of Virtual Sun artificial skylight units
    Architectural Lighting

    First look at the Virtual Sun for enhanced interior illumination

    Aug. 21, 2023
    Innerscene’s simulated skylight solution, Virtual Sun, promises to create sunshine anytime, anywhere.
    All images, Axis Lighting
    The integration of colors, shapes, materials, and illumination at Montreal-based Yaldei was guided by learning how students with special needs might react to different spaces and situations in order to design a positive and supportive learning environment for them, explained Stendel + Reich principal Cliff Stendel.
    Architectural Lighting

    SSL IN ACTION | Educational lighting design supports varied special needs

    March 14, 2023
    MICHELE BARTOLINI explains how designer Cliff Stendel employed Axis LED lighting as a key component in creating a safe, engaging environment for a student body with unique cognitive...