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June 2, 2004
Updated July 2006

DOE offers SSL funding, pushes LEDs into Energy Star (Jul 06)
The US Department of Energy has unveiled its latest funding opportunities as part of its solid-state lighting program, and is also working to include LED products in the Energy Star program.

Energy Agency outlines new lighting policies (Jul 06)
A book published by the International Energy Agency maps out the set of political measures that will be needed to ensure that energy-efficient lighting technologies such as HB-LEDs will help to curb carbon dioxide emissions.

Motion capture cameras surrounded by LEDs (Jul 06)
Motion capture, with applications in life sciences, entertainment and engineering, uses cameras with integrated LED light sources.

DOE funds SSL product development to tune of $10 million (Jun 06)
Color Kinetics, GE and Osram Sylvania are among recipients of the latest round of funding to be released by the US DOE's Solid State Lighting program.

Selected Features

LEDs lighting the future: Q&A with Biing-jye Lee, president of Epistar (Dec 05)
In an interview conducted with, Epistar president BJ Lee talks about Taiwan's LED industry, the future demand for LEDs, competition from China and Korea, and his company's merger with UEC.

NEMA and ASSIST focus on solid-state lighting adoption
Industry organizations like ASSIST and NEMA's solid-state lighting section fulfill an essential role as solid-state lighting technology moves towards the marketplace. LEDs Magazine spoke with Chips Chipalkatti from Osram Sylvania about the activities of these groups.

China conference highlights LED industry developments
A recent conference in China confirmed the country’s interest in developing solid-state lighting infrastructure. Bob Steele of Strategies Unlimited reports from the China International Forum on Solid-State Lighting (CIFSSL’05).

Korea prioritizes solid-state lighting project
With no domestic oil supply, the Korean government is very keen on LED technology and is pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into "LED Valley". Richard Stevenson reports.

China promotes benefits of solid-state lighting
The Chinese government is funding a national program to position the country as a leader in solid-state lighting.


IRS deduction promotes use of energy-efficient LED fixtures (Jun 06)
A press release from Permlight describes a new IRS procedure that enables commercial property owners and leaseholders to qualify for energy-efficiency deductions.

OIDA roadmap forum looks at green LED technology (Apr 06)
OIDA is hosting a technology roadmap forum as part of its plan to update a four-year-old roadmap on LED technology.

UK government allocates multi-millions for LED lighting projects (Mar 06)
The UK Department of Trade & Industry is to provide funding of £9 million for collaborative R&D projects in the fields of organic electronics and solid-state lighting.

DOE publishes Multi-Year Program Plan for solid-state lighting (Mar 06)
The US DOE's Solid-State Lighting program has published a 129-page document outlining its current status and future objectives.

US DOE announces funding selections for SSL program (Mar 06)
The US Department of Energy has announced 16 new selections for funding for its solid-state lighting program to develop LED and OLED technologies.

SSL program seeks more funding, publishes report (Feb 06)
The US Department of Energy's Solid State Light Program hopes see its funding boosted to $19.3 million in FY 2007, and has published materials from its recent workshop.

US group launches solid-state lighting competition (Feb 06)
Lighting for Tomorrow has announced a national lighting competition focused on innovative new light sources using LEDs.

News from Taiwan: ITRI, Tyntek and Formosa (Jan 06)
ITRI is to release LED patents to Taiwanese LED makers, Tyntek and ITRI are developing AC-LEDs for panel backlighting, and Formosa Epitaxy is to form a joint venture for high-luminance LEDs.

AET takeover boosts Arima’s LED capacity (Feb 06)
Two more Taiwan-based LED makers have joined forces, and Epistar has ordered more growth equipment for LED wafers.

DOE announces funding opportunity for its SSL program (Nov 05)
The US DOE has released a Product Development funding opportunity as the latest part of its solid-state lighting program

Korean companies target Japanese market, expand capacity
Seoul Semiconductor is to introduce its LCD backlights into the Japanese market, while Aixtron has sold a number of material growth machines to Korean organizations.

ERATO program funds new GaN material development
A project headed by Shuji Nakamura has developed nonpolar and semipolar GaN material, which could provide major advantages for GaN-based LEDs.

U.S. Energy Bill provides funding for solid-state lighting
The U.S. government has finally passed the Energy Policy Act of 2005, which will provide significant levels of funding for the development of white LED lighting technology.

LEDs to achieve slow penetration in general illumination
A market research firm predicts growth of more than 50% in the market for LEDs in general illumination.

LED industry sets Special Interest Group in motion
A gathering of industry participants has initiated an effort to study LEDs and novel lighting technologies.

HB-LED market growing at healthy rate of 10-15% per year
The market for high-brightness LEDs will almost double in the next five years, according to Strategies Unlimited.

U.S. industry alliance applauds Energy Policy Act
A solid-state lighting industry alliance in the U.S. has been boosted by the recently signed Energy Policy Act, and has just added Color Kinetics to its membership.

SSL program solicits applications for core technology research

Next Generation Lighting Initiative – latest update

Korea celebrates successful LED Expo, creates LED Valley
Korea's LED Expo event has grown in the past few years, and the country is also creating an LED manufacturing cluster.

DOE signs IP enhancement to solid-state lighting program
A recently signed IP provision should accelerate the market introduction of solid-state lighting technology developed by the US DOE program

Shenzhen starts to build LED manufacturing base
The Chinese government is investing heavily in a new LED base in Shenzhen, while Osram is rumored to have launched a cooperation with a Chinese company.

Next Generation Lighting Initiative one step closer Progress is being made in the US to create the Next Generation Lighting Initiative, a public-private partnership to develop advanced solid-state lighting devices.

NeoPac unveils 300-lumen bulb at LED Lighting Taiwan
PIDA, currently hosting the Photonics Festival in Taiwan, has also estimated blue LED chip production numbers.

LED makers in Korea branch out into new markets
Falling prices for LEDs used in mobile phones has resulted in a shift in emphasis to next-generation products.