C3 Lighting Solutions announces new solid-state lighting system for operating rooms

March 26, 2015
C3 Lighting Solutions, Inc. has developed an External Field Illumination System (EFIS) based on solid-state lighting for operating rooms that will not only change the way surgical lighting is powered and controlled, but will improve a surgeon’s vision by enhancing tissue detail while improving safety for the patient. The system uses large arrays of LEDs that can be varied in both the color and intensity of light output. This allows the surgeon to choose just the right amount and color of light to optimize their vision in a particular surgical site. Varying the color temperature of light output in five steps between 3500K (enhanced red) and 6500K (reduced red) a surgeon’s ability to differentiate between tissues of similar colors is improved. C3 Lighting’s EFIS solid-state lighting product can be ordered with a GreenLite option for illumination during endoscopic procedures to reduce eye fatigue and reflections of LCD monitors.

C3’s EFIS eliminates the typical flickering seen with fluorescent lights and many of today’s LED-based solid-state lighting systems. This flicker is often not perceived by the viewer, but leads to eye fatigue which is of great concern to a surgeon. C3’s lights are dimmed using a specialized high frequency pulse width modulation (PWM) technology that flashes the LEDs on and off at an extremely high rate. The length of time that the LEDs are on compared to the length of time they are off determines the level of illumination. C3’s dimming technology flashes the LEDs at such an extremely high rate that it is imperceptible to the human eye and does not affect human biological systems. This provides a solid-state lighting system that not only greatly reduces eye strain but does not interfere with HD monitors, radiological imaging equipment or photographic documentation.

C3’s system uses their Remote Power Distribution Technology that places the power and control of lighting outside the operating room; this removes the heat generated by power supplies from the air conditioned space, reducing both the size of fixtures and the room’s heat load.

Cold, UV free illumination eliminates irradiating, heating or drying of body tissues. C3’s surgical fixtures are sealed (IP-66) and electroplated with an antimicrobial coating that suppresses the growth of bacteria, fungi, spores and other contaminants. In addition the system is both EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference) free. This eliminates interference with the sensitive electronic equipment found in operating rooms and provides the ideal light source for the hybrid operating room.

C3 has developed the “Operating Room Lighting Systems of the Future”, increasing safety for the patient while improving visualization and reducing eye strain for the surgeon. This product will become the standard for surgical external field illumination.


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