Sipex introduces a family of low dropout LED drivers for any color LEDs

Sipex Corporation has announced a family of low dropout current source LED drivers, the SP7611A, SP7612, and SP7614.

Complimenting Sipex's existing LED drivers, these ICs are ideal for powering LEDs of any color in portable applications like cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players, LCD display lighting and handheld computers.

The family is the simplest, smallest and most cost effective method to accurately match the current between multiple LEDs. The parts are offered in ultra compact 6-pin SC70 package for a complete, space saving solution.

The family provides a matched current source of up to 160mA total for all channels. The LED current is user programmable by using a single external current set resistor, which sets the current for all LEDs. Brightness can be adjusted either by varying the value of the set resistor or by employing a PWM dimming scheme. Since the part is designed with integrated current sense circuitry, there is no external current sensing resistor required.

These new LED drivers are capable of powering two (SP7614), three (SP7612) or four (SP7611A) LEDs. The SP7614 is rated at 80mA per LED, while the SP7611A and SP7612 are rated up to 40mA per LED. When the SP7612 and SP7614 are in shutdown, these devices are disabled and the supply current drops to less than 1uA, minimizing any drainage on the battery. The family also has very low dropout voltage for high efficiency. The low side LED drive architecture is simple to implement and enables a wide range of input voltages.

SP7611A, SP7612 & SP7614 features (typical):

  • Easy to Use, Cost Effective LED Drive Implementation
  • LED Drivers for Parallel Connected LEDs
  • PWM and Analog LED Brightness Control
  • Very Low Dropout Voltage of 150mV (SP7614)
  • 160mA Bias Current (Up to 80mA for Each LED)
  • Accurate (+/-0.8%) Current Matching
  • Shutdown Current <1uA
  • Enable Control (SP7612 & SP7614)
  • Ultra Compact 6-pin SC70 package
Pricing and Availability

The SP7611A, SP7612 and SP7614 are available over the industrial, -40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius, temperature range. Samples are available to assist in the evaluation of the SP7611A family. Pricing for these products begins at $0.31 for the SP7611, $0.33 for the SP7612 and $0.41 for the SP7614 in 1,000 piece quantities.

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