The Glo-X Light Sleeve is self-charging and emits a white light in ‘power on’ mode and then in ‘power off’ or glow mode emits light that not only provides a way finding system that lasts in excess of 12 hours. Made from a unique Glo-X formula mixed with UV stabilized polypropylene, the sleeve simply slides over a standard LED or fluorescent light tube with fire resistant ABS end caps, and it is automatically charged by either white, blue, UV or natural light. The innovative technology has been patented worldwide and NATA tested to meet DIN 67510, the requirement for safety guiding systems using long afterglow products. It initially produces such a large amount of light when in ‘power off’ or glow mode, that when integrated with a building management system, not only provides profound cost savings, and substantial environmental benefits, but also provides adequate lighting for the intended building’s use. You can read small text for 30 minutes or so after the powered lights turn off or fail, and you can read signage for up to 60 minutes after - and then it still provides way finding light for many hours after that.
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