Ledison designs another special light for the British MOD. Red-Tubes for Submarines

May 23, 2023

Ledison's Specialised LED Light Production for the British MOD

Over the past five years, Ledison Lighting has supplied the British Ministry of Defence (MOD) with high-quality and durable LED lights for all warships, submarines, and aircraft carriers. The MOD selected Ledison, a lighting division of Voltacon UK Limited, to design and manufacture premium LED lights to meet their specialised lighting needs. Ledison has supplied 250,000 LED tubes so far, and many more will be needed in the next five years to accommodate new and old ships and submarines that require specialised light fixtures with a lifespan exceeding 50,000 hours.

Why Red Lights?

In 2023, Ledison Lighting received a new project from the MOD to produce red LED Lights. These lights preserve a submarine crew's night vision while allowing them to see their instrument panels, radars, computers, and other equipment. Ledison chose a 650Nm wavelength from the light spectrum, as the human eye is less sensitive to longer wavelengths.

These red LED tubes will replace the neo fittings that previously emitted red light using a painted sleeve over the tube, which is not an authentic way to produce the desired wavelength. Red lights are used in low-light conditions at periscope depth or when surfaced, and bright or white lights would impede the crew's ability to see in the dark and could reveal their position.

Does Red Light Diminish the Ability to See in the Dark?

Contrary to a common myth, red light actually supports the adjustment of vision in low-light conditions. Red lights are often used in submarines, airport control towers, and cinemas to aid viewers in transitioning from bright to dark lighting conditions. In particular, submarine crews need to acclimate their eyes before undertaking night watch on the surface, and red light is an effective means of facilitating this vision adjustment.

Production of the New T5 30cm Tubes

In Spring 2023, Ledison Lighting will produce 5,000 new T5 30cm tubes with only 6-watt power consumption. These tubes will be retrofitted into existing fixtures, and the old fluorescent lamps will be recycled. The LED tubes will be powered directly from the 110V 60HZ power supply, bypassing the electronic ballast that powered the fluorescent light.

Looking Ahead

Ledison's innovative designs have made a significant impact on the British MOD's warships, submarines, and aircraft carriers. The new red LED lights will enhance the safety and functionality of these vessels, ensuring the crew can perform their duties with ease and efficiency. With Ledison's commitment to producing high-quality, durable LED lights, its collaboration with the British MOD is expected to continue to be successful.