5-in-1 LED Strip Light From Environmental Lights
5-in-1 LED Strip Light From Environmental Lights
5-in-1 RGB LED Strip Light from Environmental Lights gives you the ability to create bolder colors than ever before, making it perfect for use in scenic, stage and retail environments. The 5-in-1 is just that; five LEDs conveniently packaged in just one node, allowing for richer tones and cooler hues that were previously impossible to achieve with a single strip.

In addition to containing an RGB diode, the 5-in-1 with Tunable White also features both a 2,500K white and a 6,500K white diode, while the 5-in-1 with Amber White features an Amber diode and a 6,500K white diode. Users can mix the white or Amber light with RGB to create a wider range of colors than ever before. The 5-in-1 RGB Strip Light is UL-Listed and RoHS Certified. Learn more at https://www.EnvironmentalLights.com

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