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Hsin 5th Rd, Hsinchu Science Pk, Hsinchu 30078

Opto Tech Corporation (OPTOTECH) has been offering optoelectronic semiconductor integrated solutions, from epitaxial materials and chips manufacturing, component packaging, to LED applications, since its founding in 1983. Beginning with the production of light-emitting diode dies at the Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park, Taiwan and still headquartered at the same Park now, OPTOTECH has been in the global market for large sized LED displays since 1991. With three decades of production and sales experience, OPTOTECH prioritizes customers' requirements, produces second to none quality products and offers exceptional after-service support.

OPTOTECH does more than just provide our customers with the products they need; what really makes OPTOTECH stand out from the crowd is the close interaction and collaboration between production and sales, which enables the company to build long-term partnerships with its customers based on mutual trust. Across the whole gamut of customer relations, product quality management, production volume, environmental protection, etc., OPTOTECH’s integrity and innovation makes it possible to maintain our high standards and fulfill our commitments, as we work together with our customers to create value and build a better future.

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