Wowing the Visual World with LED Transparent Displays

LED transparent display project in Taichung Software Park, Taiwan
LED transparent display project in Taichung Software Park, Taiwan

A Leap in Market Value

Displaybank, a leader in the global display market research and counseling, pointed out in their 2012 study report “Transparent Display Technology and Market Forecast” that the transparent display market will continue to grow steadily up to 2019. With the maturing technology, lower costs, and market acceptance, the global market of LED transparent displays is expected to achieve an astonishing growth of US$87 billion by 2025.

Applications of LED Transparent Displays

In business operation, it has always been the key issue for owners to attract customers and maintain popularity. It is common to see the exteriors, like display windows, of commercial buildings decorated with semi-transparent plastic sheets to add color variance. This method indeed enables designers and planners to easily achieve dazzling effects with bright colors, but it also brings along a huge cost of manual work whenever there is a new advertisement to take over. More owners have thus come to restrain from such a traditional marketing.

LED transparent displays feature transparency, high brightness, and versatility, which wonderfully creates visual attraction and a joyous atmosphere for business venues, such as display windows, office buildings, and stage designs. If employed well, LED transparent displays can bring dynamic transformation to the marketing environment. For example, motionless exhibits can become lively, intelligent are installations. With current technology, LED transparent displays have up to more than 80% transparency. Unlike conventional display structures, LED transparent displays do not act like a sturdy block; they retain large-area lighting for the interior and provide some concealment; people can not only feel the warmth of light sunshine, but also explore the outside at the same time.

Adding to the advantages, LED transparent displays, when integrated to the application of space design, gives a new look to product arrangement. Product display will be more flexible and vivid other than cold, motionless display walls. Business owners can plan their programs by topic, with visual and audio elements incorporated, to produce a desirable presentation for products and subtly plant their brand images in the mind of customers. Such an animate application starts a new chapter for traditional marketing and plays a vital role in promoting brand identity. LED transparent displays deliver visual impact, draw attention, enhance brand recognition, and ultimately generate value and profits for enterprises.

Recommendations for using LED transparent displays

In recent years, LED transparent displays have hit a ceiling on technology growth. To emphasize innovation, many LED companies have turned to developing fine pitch transparent LED displays. Fine pitch features high resolution, but it is just a gimmick as fine pitch is a contradiction to the nature of LED transparent displays-transparency. As a professional LED integrated brand, OPTOTECH values the very concept of transparency and its performance in application. We, OPTOTECH, recommend businesses choose Pitch 10mm and above for LED transparent displays as this design is a good balance where both ideal transparency and desired effects can be achieved. Products can be exhibited smoothly without much obstruction while LED transparent displays deliver visual attraction.

Reliable high-quality service
Since we launched our first LED display in 1991, OPTOTECH has had over 2,000 installations in 49 different countries. We have been concentrating on the research and development for LED transparent displays with an emphasis on customer relationship management. With our expertise, we have cultivated reliable relationships with every client and accumulated abundant and valuable experience from hands on collaborations and synergies with architects and designers. We believe there are still a lot of possibilities for LED applications. We hope to bring all the possibilities in LED to fruition with our partners through the integration of supply chains and cross-industry alliance. We are aiming to wow the world again with innovations of LED.

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