S030-38P0L-56L2 Light Engine
S030-38P0L-56L2 Light Engine
Designated S030-38POL-56L2, this light engine is an advanced dimmable, system-level product powered directly off the AC line which requires no bulky power supply. When properly heat-sinked, this 33 cm long light engine delivers a minimum of 3600 lumens.

To streamline this process the engineers at Advanced TeknoLEDs developed and designed a complete system that integrates important features such as the LED’s current limiting circuit, thermal turn-down and voltage shutdown protection circuitry that drastically enhances the longevity of the light engine.

The S030-38POL-56L2 is a complete and thoroughly integrated LED lighting solution for applications on Rigid and Thermally Conductive substrates requiring mounted linear arrays. The Advanced TeknoLEDs all powerful solution provides impressive performance for distributed light source applications in conjunction with the quality of light.

The smaller format provides significant flexibility in designing creative lighting fixtures at much lower cost. The versatile S030-38POL-56L2 can be strung together, allowing the user to create luminaries with much higher luminosity.

Features and Benefits:
 3600 - 3800 Lumens
 Efficacies up to 110 lm/W
 > 0.97 Power Factor
 3000K - 5000K CCT
 80 CRI minimum
 Low Total Harmonic Distortion
 Compatible with most Triac Dimmers (Leading/Trailing Edge)
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