Edison Opto Ultra High Power Stonehenge Light Engine New Launch

Dec. 22, 2022
The Stonehenge Series 400-1,200W PCBA module combines a high-efficiency optical integrator matrix assembly and high power output to achieve uniform color mixing through the lens.

Introducing our new light engine – The Stonehenge Series 400-1,200W PCBA Module solution, which provide high-efficiency optical integrator matrix assembly and extremely high power output with a uniform color mixing through unique and elegant lens. The modules are fully compatible with various high-lumen density LEDs such as white, RGBW, dual color, and more colors in one.

For stage or entertainment lighting applications, Stonehenge module setup offers powerful LED matrix that is surface mounted by a specified number of LEDs, assembled with module optics to form an efficient yet high-power module.

Moreover, EDISON OPTO Stonehenge has a high thermal conductive board for highly efficient heat management. EDISON OPTP glass type Federal 5050 chip has independently controllable LEDs allowing for extraordinary levels of uniform color mixing. The eutectic direct bonding process is adopted to endure strict driving conditions and countless on-offs from end users. Each color could be driven up to 2.5A and over 1,000W driven in a Φ74mm emitting area is achievable with proper structural design. Several color choices are available among the wide variety of options.

In addition, we provide color-customized services, like PC cyan, PC magenta, PC yellow, or PC mint defined by coordinates from customers. Furthermore, high CRI LEDs are available for filming and studio lighting as well. Their small dimensions enable higher flexibility and provide optimal optical design. Our patented lenses are 20% higher than the efficiency of traditional lenses. 

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