Bridgelux Vesta® ThriveTM Enables Natural Human Centric Lighting

June 4, 2020
Industry’s first tunable, natural, full-spectrum light sources.

FREMONT, California – June 4, 2020 – Bridgelux today announced commercial availability of new versions of its Vesta product line, adding full natural spectrum white point options to the industry’s largest portfolio of tunable white solutions.  Vesta Thrive, the winner of a 2020 LightFair Innovation Award, leverages patented Thrive technology to deliver the closest spectral match to natural light available in an easy to use tunable white solution.

As part of the transition to human centric lighting, there is increasing demand for “natural” light sources.  The evolution of the human species has conditioned us to thrive in daylight hours by the light of the sun, and after dusk, in the warm glow of fire.  Vesta Thrive enables the development of luminaires that not only deliver natural full spectrum lighting, but also allow new opportunities to personalize lighting, tailoring our environment to individual preferences or task-oriented needs. 

As announced last month, Bridgelux has developed a new metric to quantify the naturalness of light.  Average Spectral Difference (ASD) averages the differences of the spectral peaks and valleys between a light source and a standardized natural light source of the same CCT.  With extremely high CRI and TM-30 metrics and extremely low ASD values, Vesta Thrive is the closest match to natural light available in the market.  Features of Vesta Thrive include: 

·        COB LES sizes of 9mm and 13mm, delivering up to 2000 lumens

·         Linear modules including new 1120mm length and single row SMD options

·         White point tuning options of 2700K-6500K and 2700K-5000K

·         Typical ASD values of 11% for 2700K and 8% for 6500K

·         Typical CRI Ra values of 98 with CRI R1-R15 values all >90

·         Typical TM-30 Rf of 96 and Rg of 99

Bridgelux is continuing to expand its portfolio of human centric lighting solutions with additional Thrive COB and linear modules including V SeriesTM V8, V Series HD V4 and V6, and EB SeriesTM linear modules.  Samples of these Thrive products are available now.

“Despite the global pandemic challenges, this remains an interesting and exciting time for lighting innovation,” said Tim Lester, CEO of Bridgelux.  “Bridgelux is a committed technology partner, ready to help our customers navigate the transition to human centric lighting.  The combination of our Thrive and Vesta Series products constitutes a unique solution tailored for natural, human centric lighting.  A total solution, also incorporating our Vesta Flex driver and controls products, enables rapid integration of this exciting new technology, accelerating the development of differentiated market leading products.”

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