SUNPER releases LED high bay lights with large PCB for heat dissipation

LED high bay fixtures are changing the way we look at commercial lighting. While traditional metal halide, HID, induction, high pressure sodium, and T5HO fluorescent lighting has been the norm for years, LED lighting offers a number of advantages not found anywhere else.

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With SUNPER LED high bay lights you will find a number of advantages that will be rare, if even possible, to find through other competitors. With UL, cUL DLC and CE certificates, and Mean Well LED drivers, the fixtures are designed for outstanding performance, and you will find that safety and quality are of the utmost importance.

SUNPER stands behind its lighting fixtures with a 6 year warranty and outstanding manufacturing techniques which guarantee the highest quality of lamp. With dimmable and induction controls also included, the LED high bay fixtures will fit your needs no matter what you are looking for. In addition, lighting design is provided free.

SUNPER has taken the time to ensure that you are getting the best of the best. With a round layered design that enhances the aesthetics of the lamp and a black appearance (mainly to help with heat dissipation) the LED high bay lights look professional, sleek, and high quality to the novice viewer.

The HBG Mean Well driver is built to work without a driver box, enhancing the life of the lamp without losing any of the advantages. Fewer parts mean fewer potential issues. The high bay is also designed to be installed without welding required making assembly and disassembly much easier. Other conventional high bays generally require a professional for installation, which costs even more time and money.

SUNPER's PCB is two to four times larger than competitors, which leads to higher efficiency of heat dissipation and a longer lifespan of the individual LEDs. No detail has been overlooked, as a unique welding, which is non-manual, leave your light fixture with no empty solder. It even includes a cover to protect the soldering point, again ensuring the LED high bay is going to experience a longer lifespan.

With a weatherproof design, up to 50,000 hour lifespan, worry free voltage protection and rigorous product testing done on the lamps, you are sure to get something that will change the way you look at LED high bay lighting.

With a number of designs to fit whatever your needs may be and a focus on environmentally friendly products, SUNPER should be the only LED solution you need.

SUNPER specializes in LED industrial lighting and mostly LED high bay lights as well as other high power LED lights such as floodlights and street lighting.


Allen Lin - SUNPER


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