Watchfire digital signs help make the perfect promposal

Danville, IL – Prom proposals, or promposals, have become a big deal in recent years. Not surprisingly, outdoor digital signs are a perfect way to make that ask. They're bold, easily programmable with the right message and make an impression.

The ability to quickly share a promposal on social media with photos and posts has encouraged would-be prom attendees to up their game. High school students, male and female alike, are looking for that creative and noticeable way to surprise a potential prom date.

Last month, Jed Renfroe, from Renfroe Outdoor needed to accommodate a special last-minute request. Renfroe’s son wanted to use one of his dad's digital signs to ask his girlfriend to the prom. The only problem was that the “ask” needed to be done right away, and Renfroe’s ad designer was unavailable. Renfroe contacted Spencer Gross, a project specialist with Watchfire’s Digital Support Group. Spencer created an appropriate piece of content and used Ignite OA to immediately add the content to the playlist of a board designated by Jed Renfroe. All of those efforts paid off when his son’s girlfriend said “yes.”

Even the digital billboard at Watchfire’s own headquarters has gotten into the promposal trend. Just two weeks ago, the relative of a Watchfire employee used the 19mm billboard outside Watchfire’s front door to ask a fellow student at Westville High School to prom. This story had a happy ending as well.

The dynamic nature of digital signs or billboards, and all digital outdoor advertising, is perfect for displaying the kind of content that engages individuals and communities. While advertising products and services is important – it’s the life blood of those businesses who invest in digital outdoor – digital also provides opportunities for enhancing our communities and the lives of those in it. - See more at:

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