Chipshow wins China Excellent LED Application and Engineering Award for LED displays

As one of the most prestigious awards in the LED industry, “Annual Award of China LED Industry,” the goal is to form the most authoritative, fair and equitable selection of representatives in LED markets, comprehensively covering LED technology, products and applications, processing equipment, instruments, raw materials and many other fields. The program provides a national platform for innovative technology, products and engineering and helps to promote the healthy and steady development of China's LED business.

After fierce competition, Chipshow finally made it all the way and won the “2014-2015 China Excellent LED Application and Engineering Award,” which was awarded on its Xiamen Fugue in Great China theater LED display project.

The Xiamen Fugue in Great China theater project adopted Chipshow's Black Kingkong P16 outdoor SMD LED display, which is suitable for the large theater. The LED displa, with 360-degree rotation, surrounds the big stage with different forms of landscapes, mountains and rivers, so theater patrons are given the feeling of harmony with nature. The audience sits on movable seats in an artificial lake located in the center of the theater, so they can enjoy the wonderful show from all angles without leaving their seats or standing on the aisles. They can experience a 360-degree, full three-dimensional visual feast.

Xiamen Fugue in Great China theater project installs four large LED displays, with a maximum display area of 1,000 square meters, and a total area of 2,800 square meters. All LED displays are equipped with mechanical movement for a stunning effect. The Fugue in Great China theater project was listed as one of top ten investment projects in Xiamen City.

The project will fully tap the local culture of Xiamen and Jimei, to undertake the mission to upgrade the Xiamen tourism industry, and achieve great results with the traditional tourism projects. In response to intense competition in domestic and foreign tourism, and speeding up the transformation of Xiamen tourism, effectively extending the average residence time of visitors, enriching levels of Xiamen tourism, and stimulating the development of related industries, it will play a positive and important role.


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