Labsphere unveils spectral lamp measurement system

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Labsphere, Inc. has introduced the SLMS-0400 Spectral Lamp Measurement System for repeatable, NIST-traceable measurement of small, low-power sources such as LEDs and small lamps.

Labsphere SLMS
The SLMS lamp measurement system is specifically designed to meet the demands of measuring low-power sources, with improved sensitivity to measure smaller light sources, complete spectral and color characterization, and calibrations that meet CIE-recommended measurement geometry.

The SLMS system consists of a 4-inch diameter integrating sphere, a Diode Array Spectrometer, a regulated-current lamp power supply, and Labsphere SLMS software. Also included is a calibrated spectral flux standard, as well as an auxiliary lamp, which may be used to correct absorption errors.

Light collected by the sphere is measured by the spectrometer, which computes the lamp's radiant flux as a function of wavelength. This spectral data is processed by the system software in order to compute total luminous flux and color properties such as chromaticity, correlated color temperature, and color rendering indices. Properties particularly applicable to LEDs can also be calculated: peak, central, and centroid wavelength; spectral bandwidth; dominant wavelength; and purity.

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