UPRtek updates MF250N flicker meter firmware with SVM technology

June 27, 2016
Advanced MF250N New Firmware- Version 16.175

What is different from previous version?
- NEW Add PHILIPS SVM (Stroboscopic effect Visibility Measure).
- FIXED bugs
The newest feature of SVM is now available on UPRtek Flicker Meter MF250N!

What is SVM- Stroboscopic Visibility Measure?

The Stroboscopic Effect Visibility Measure (SVM), developed at Philips Research, attempts to predict both the visibility and acceptability of the stroboscopic effect.

The SVM applies such a weighting, or sensitivity function to frequencies between 80 and 2,000 Hz. Calculating the SVM from a light-intensity waveform requires at least one second of data with a minimum sampling frequency of 4,000 samples/second (with at least 5,000 preferred), in order to generate enough frequency resolution to accurately apply the sensitivity function. Finally, while the SVM is necessarily greater than zero, it is not otherwise limited in range; for reference, the SVM of a typical incandescent lamp is less than 0.5, at both full output and all dimmed levels.


3 reasons you need SVM
1. Flicker and stroboscopic effect are important light quality aspects for lighting equipment.
2. SVM is a kind of method to quantization stroboscopic effect.
3. Current measures, Percent Flicker and Flicker Index are not enough for users. They are not account for the effect of frequency.

Before you update
MF250N Flicker Meter update might take few minutes.
1. Backup data.
2. Disable the power saving function.
3. Download the new firmware and SOP.

How to update MF250N?
Step 1 - Check the MF250N FW version under 16.175P.
Step 2 - Join our membership.
Step 3 - Download firmware and SOP.

Note: If you failed to update the firmware, it might be the problem of the SD card, please use another card and try again!

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