Deco Lighting incorporates near-field measurement system for LED test from Radiant Vision Systems

Jan. 14, 2016
Commerce, CA – Striving to deliver superior service and value to its customers, DECO Lighting has invested in a Near-Field Measurement System for LED test from Radiant Vision Systems. DECO will incorporate the advanced measurement tool into its research and design process, enabling the company to further innovate and test its cutting-edge LED fixtures in-house. This move to acquire an in-house LED test system demonstrates DECO’s commitment to a customer-first approach and will allow the company to accurately test fixtures under various conditions and generate photometric data files to address the needs of its customers, ranging from lighting designers to architects and contractors. The system will also serve to validate test data received from third-party testing labs.

DECO Drives Innovation
In its mission to be the leading manufacturer of innovative, high-quality LED fixtures, DECO Lighting is constantly researching new ways to improve upon its existing product line and development cycle. With LED technology advancing at such a rapid rate, DECO needed a way to capture the increasing performance in real-time and remain agile in developing its LED product line. Improvements in performance coupled with the newly-acquired LED test equipment will allow DECO to further optimize its fixture designs, resulting in lower costs, increased reliability, and reduced energy consumption. When considering the NFMS system from Radiant, DECO Lighting President Ben Pouladian saw the opportunity to both shorten product development times and deliver valuable information more rapidly to its customers.

“Upgrading to an in-house testing system will enable us to deliver better service to our customers and allow us to rapidly test our wide array of LED fixtures and retrofits under different scenarios,” said DECO Lighting President, Ben Pouladian. “This will provide our customers with instant access to accurate test data in the ever-changing world of LED performance.”

IES files contain photometric data which is then used by designers and architects in creating lighting layouts for building spaces. The photometric files include information on light distribution and luminance intensity, and the NFMS system provides additional data that can be used to further improve fixture performance. DECO’s addition of the NFMS system will shorten its product development cycle by allowing it to test new product iterations in-house rather than having them sent to a third-party lab, which can take several weeks. With the capability to test various product designs in-house, DECO can speed up its R&D cycle and will only rely on third-party labs when it comes to final product certification.

About Deco Lighting®
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