Lisun Group's LS9934 automatic safety test system is engineered for lighting labs and manufacturing operations

Jan. 27, 2016
Lisun has developed an automated safety test system for use in qualifying and certifying safety of lighting fixtures and luminaires.
• Displays all setting parameters and test results in the same large LCD menu
• Can set PASS/FAIL limit value, uses light/noise for warning
• Includes features for portability
• Test mode programmable; quick discharge, 50 memory groups, 8 steps per group
• Supports 50 Hz and 60 Hz frequency; electric safety wall detecting feature
• The LS9934 can do test for Withstand Voltage (ACW), Insulation Resistance (IR), Leakage Current (LLC) and Ground Resistance (GR)
• The LS9935 can test for Withstand Voltage (ACW), Insulation Resistance (IR), Leakage Current (LLC), Ground Resistance (GR) and Power

The safety test system is mainly designed to achieve the following:
i. Detect insulation withstand voltage capacity from working voltage or overvoltage capacity.
ii. Check the insulation of electrical equipment during manufacture or inspect quality.
iii. Eliminate insulation damage because of raw material, processing or transport; reduce products' early failure rate.
iv. Detect the electric clearance and creepage distances of insulation.

By measuring insulation resistance of electrical equipment, it can achieve the following:
a. Learn the insulation performance of the insulation structure. Reasonable insulation structure (or insulation system) composed of high quality insulation material should have good insulation performance and high insulation resistance.
b. Learn the insulation processing quality of the electrical products. The insulation treatment of electrical equipment is poor; its insulation performance will be obviously decreased.
c. Learn the insulation damp and polluted situation, when the insulation of the electrical equipment is damp and polluted the insulation resistance is usually decreased obviously.
d. Inspect whether the insulation can withstand the withstand voltage test. When do the withstand voltage test, if the insulation resistance of electrical equipment is lower than a certain value, it will produce large test current, which leads to thermal breakdown and damage the insulation of electrical equipment. Therefore, it is usually to measure the insulation resistance before the withstand voltage test in all kinds of test standards.

1 The insulation resistance index of electrical equipment and electrical circuit. Insulation resistance refers to the resistance between the two separated conductors by insulating material. In order to ensure the safety of the electric equipment operation, it should propose a minimum requirement for the polarity between the conductive body or the insulation resistance between the conductive body and the shell.
2 Grounding resistance is the resistance when the current flows from the grounding device into earth, then through another grounding body or the resistant that encountered when spread to distant. It includes the resistance between the ground wire and the grounding body, the contact resistant between the grounding body and the earth and the earth resistance between two ground bodies or the earth resistance between the grounding body and infinity. The grounding resistance directly reflects the contact degree between electrical device and earth, also reflects the grounding grid scale.
3 Leakage current is the current through its surrounding medium or insulation surface between the metal parts in electrical equipment.


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