Ocean Optics develops Spark-VIS spectral sensor for light measurement instruments

July 10, 2015
Dunedin, Florida, USA – Ocean Optics’ Spark spectral sensor uses optical technology advances to shrink light measurement instrument size, making it the smallest on the market to date. The Spark-VIS is the first offering in the Spark line of versatile spectral sensors, delivering high resolution measurements over the visible wavelength range of 380-700 nm. Available in both OEM and stand-alone configurations, the compact low-cost Spark-VIS is ideal for emissive color measurements. It can be used for measuring lux luminosity, correlating color temperatures of lighting in studios, and characterizing LEDs. Spark-VIS can be embedded into next generation portable and Internet connected sensing devices for light measurement; integrated directly on manufacturing lines; or used as a benchtop instrument in control labs. It can also be used for free space measurements, offering wider flexibility than traditional spectral devices.

The Spark-VIS is the first Ocean Optics spectral device to replace traditional diffraction gratings with a solid-state optical encoder. The resulting unit size and cost are comparable to that of a less robust RGB filter diode detector, but with the ability to take full spectral measurements. The richer dataset yields a huge range of colorimetric values useful for screen matching for large displays, setting studio lighting, color matching of LEDs or light bulbs, and color rendering of objects under different lighting conditions.

Compatible with Ocean Optics’ Raspberry Pi development kit, the Spark-VIS for light measurement can be purchased off the shelf for applications engineering. The basic spectral sensor can be purchased economically in bulk for use as a component in portable and Internet-enabled devices.

The stand-alone Spark-VIS is easy to use, with plug and play USB connectivity. Its low cost makes it a good option for budget-conscious labs and studios. The even smaller OEM version runs off the host device’s driver and communication electronics, connected by a ribbon cable. A line of Spark accessories, including clip-on reflection guides, diffusers, and light sources, is compatible with both versions.

Spark has remarkable performance for a spectral sensor of its kind. Its aperture design optimizes light throughput. Robust optoelectronics ensure thermal stability over a -10° – 60° C operating range, for accurate analysis even in harsh environments. Unlike comparable devices, Spark delivers optical resolution of 4.5-9.0 nm (FWHM), making it viable for a wide range of lighting applications.


Ocean Optics Inc.
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