Saelig's LED-based test tool is tunable for use as calibration reference source

June 3, 2015

Fairport, NY, USA: Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the patent-pending GL OptiLight LED 127 CLC - an LED-based uniform source that offers an extremely stable tunable light reference in a compact size. GL OptiLight LED 127 CLC is designed with analog closed-loop calibration using a built-in high-accuracy photodiode and a compact integrating sphere, providing ideal source homogeneity. Its electronic feedback control and thermal stabilization achieve remarkable colorimetric stabilization without any flicker. The internal LEDs are controlled via an automated multilevel calibration procedure without requiring any external measurement device. This means that the GL Opti Light LED 127 CLC can be used as a reliable calibration reference for cameras and other optical instruments, as a reference light source for laboratory applications, as a reference luminance standard for display and monitor calibration systems, and by manufacturers to calibrate and match front- and back-cameras in cellphone production.

The GL OptiLight LED 127 CLC can be used to create almost any color source when controlled by a PC via USB connection or set with the built-in control panel. The optional GL OPTILIGHT Control Software allows the user to program a wide range of light coordinates, set exactly to the user's needs. Several light source standards are featured, including D50, D65, D75, A, and TL84. The GL OptiLight LED 127 CLC effectively self-controls its operating conditions and adjusts the resultant lighting without the flicker effect experienced by some other light sources. The LED technology used in GL OptiLight LED 127 CLC exceeds conventional LED sources in light quality, creating almost any light coordinates with high quality, and accurately reproduces an extensive color space on demand. Key features: • Very high uniformity • Near perfect replication light sources including D50, D65, D75, A, and TL84 • Selection of light spectra out of color space bigger than sRGB • Stable conditions through a unique calibration method • Very long LED lifetime due to active thermal stability • Spectral range 385 - 750 nm • Luminance range 100 - 3000 cd/m • Dimensions 216 x 227 x 130 mm (8.5" x 9.0" x 5.1") Designed and made in Europe by GL Optic, a leading supplier of standardized light solutions, GL OptiLight LED 127 CLC is available now from GL Optic's USA distributor Saelig Company, Inc. (NY) For detailed specifications, free technical assistance, or additional information, please contact 1-888-7SAELIG, via email: [email protected], or visit About Saelig Company Inc. Founded in 1988 in Rochester, New York, Saelig is a North American distributor with a growing reputation for finding and sourcing remarkable, unique test and measurement and control products and components for use in a wide variety of industries. Products lines are continuously added from sources across the globe, and are offered at competitive prices, accompanied by full in-house technical support, exceptional customer service, and fast delivery. For full details of available product lines, please visit




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