Lexedis Lighting unveils Zero Colour Bin

April 20, 2007
Based on superior control of its manufacturing process, Lexedis is offering single colour bins for its nanoXED emitter at 3500, 4200 and 6500K.
Lexedis Lighting, the Austria-based manufacturer of high-efficiency digital light sources, has announced that its white nanoXED emitter will be free of any colour binning.

Lexedis will offer single bins at standard correlated colour temperature (CCT) values of 3500K, 4200K and 6500K. This should simplify the ordering procedure for customers and provide a consistent supply of product with long-term reproducibility.

Traditional white LED manufacturing processes result in multiple bins at each CCT value. This is inevitable because of process variations that make it difficult to control key parameters such as the wavelength of the blue-emitting chip or the precise distribution of the down-conversion (phosphor) material.

Lexedis says that it has eliminated cumbersome colour binning once and for all via a manufacturing process that provides much better control.

One way to define the chromatic performance of light sources is to use the MacAdam metric, which has been implemented worldwide by fluorescent light manufacturers.

Using the familiar CIE chromaticity diagram, a MacAdam ellipse is a region on the diagram which contains all colors which are indistinguishable, to the average human eye, from the color at the center of the ellipse.

Lexedis' white nanoXEDs are offered within a single 6-step MacAdam ellipse, which surpasses the 7-step requirement of the US Energy Star program.