Seoul Semiconductor wins patent case in Taiwan

Aug. 13, 2007
A patent invalidation action filed against Seoul Semiconductor in Taiwan by Advanced Optoelectronic Technology has been dismissed.
Advanced Optoelectronic Technology Inc.(AOT), a Taiwan-based LED maker, has failed in its patent invalidation action against its Korean rival Seoul Semiconductor.

The ruling by the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office relates to Seoul Semiconductor's white LED patent in Taiwan.

Seoul Semiconductor says that its has also won cases pertaining to its white LED patent against Itswell and Mediana Electronics in Korea.

According to Seoul Semiconductor, AOT has been infringing on SSC's patent on a white LED manufacturing method in Korea since 2002. In August 2005 a judge in the Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of SSC, concluding that AOT had infringed on SSC's white LED patent technology.

In November 2006, the Intellectual Property Tribunal in Korea turned down AOT's claim to invalidate SSC's Korean patent registration.

Similarly, in the current action, the Intellectual Property Office in Taiwan rejected AOT's claim to invalidate SSC's Taiwan patent registration.

Seoul Semiconductor's white LED patent technology can be broadly applied to high-quality and high-productivity LEDs for flash, general lighting, automotive and mobile-handset keypads. Seoul Semiconductor has already completed the registration process for its patents in major countries including Japan, Taiwan, China and the USA.