Equipment & Materials: Suss, Osram Opto, Intematix, Kyma

Oct. 11, 2006
Osram Opto has ordered new lithography tools from SUSS MicroTec, Ledtech is Intematix's latest phosphors customer, and Kyma has received more funding.
Osram orders SUSS MicroTec tool
In both the second and third quarter of 2006, SUSS MicroTec has won follow-on orders for SUSS LithoFab200 Clusters, which are used in the photolithography processing steps during high-volume manufacturing of high-brightness and high-power LEDs. The tools will be installed at Osram Opto's fab in Regensburg, Germany.

The SUSS LithoFab200 cluster system integrates all photolithography process steps, namely coat, bake, align, expose and develop. The tool was selected for its superior ability to safely handle fragile substrates as well as for its high productivity and for its high yield at lowest possible cycle times.

A new concept of the exposure cell based on the successful MA200Compact Mask Aligner further optimizes alignment accuracy, thereby widening the process window for a variety of applications. The novel SUSS DirectAlign option allows for an alignment accuracy down to 0.5 micron (3 sigma), the highest performance available for a mask aligner today.

Gerhard Maihöfner, VP of Osram Opto Semiconductors, said: “Our work with the LithoFab200 System is a vital part of our continuing efforts to provide our customers with cutting edge LED solutions. In order to meet the aggressive schedules for cost control in all aspects of the LED manufacturing process we have to rely on suppliers with trusted manufacturing capacity and performance records in the field of production.”

Rolf Wolf, managing director of SUSS MicroTec Lithography Division, said "With its production proven equipment design the LithoFab200 enables exceptional process scalability and fast time-to-market for new device designs, while reducing cycle times and excess wafer inventory.”

Ledtech purchases phosphors from Intematix

Taiwan-based LED manufacturer Ledtech has agreed to purchase phosphor materials from Intematix, the US-based phosphor specialist. Ledtech will buy cool-white and warm-white phosphors as well as a red- and green-emitting materials.

Ledtech chairman Frank Liu said, “Many new consumer applications require high color rendering to maximize the visual impact for the consumer. Intematix phosphor offerings are allowing us to implement creative new packaging that will give us a definite advantage for applications such as backlight units, general and personal illumination.”

Kyma Technologies GaN substrate grant

Kyma Technologies, Inc. has been selected for Phase I funding under the U.S. Army’s Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Program.

The STTR effort will focus on the development of native crystalline non-polar gallium nitride (GaN) substrates. Kyma will work with academic partners to better understand and improve its current approaches to making non-polar GaN and will also investigate alternate approaches, with the ultimate goal of establishing a cost effective supply of non-polar GaN that will be used for a broad range of military and commercial applications.