Seoul wins LED patent case against AOT, licenses Itswell

April 3, 2008
Seoul has licensed its white LED patent to Itswell, and has been successful in a lawsuit filed against it by AOT.
LED manufacturer Seoul Semiconductor has won a patent invalidation lawsuit filed by Taiwan-based AOT in the Korean Supreme Court on 14th of last month. AOT had sought to have Seoul's white LED patent ruled invalid – see Seoul Semiconductor wins further patent ruling.

Seoul Semiconductor has also signed a patent license agreement with Itswell, a Korea-based LED maker. The two companies decided to reach an amicable settlement of the various lawsuits and claims relating to white LED patents.

Seoul Semiconductor says that the license agreement will allow it to collect royalty payments from Itswell for the use of its patent on white LED manufacturing technology in the past and for future use of the patent.

An official with Seoul Semiconductor said, “With the Itswell license agreement, we will help create an atmosphere where companies respect each others’ patents, and at the same time build a cooperative relationship with other LED corporations. However, we will take strong action against those who do not respect intellectual property rights.”