PennWell announces new LED Japan/Strategies in Light event

April 14, 2008
To be held in Tokyo on October 16-17, the conference will center on the worldwide market for high-brightness LEDs.
PennWell Corp., a highly diversified media and information company, and e.x. Press, a Japanese publisher of business and technology magazines, recently announced a new event, LED Japan/Strategies in Light, to be held at the TEPIA Exhibition Hall in Tokyo, Japan on October 16-17, 2008.

Strategies in Light, the leading event for the global LED industry, attracted over 1,000 attendees this year and is the largest and longest-running event in the industry. LED Japan/Strategies in Light, which will be held annually in addition to the original US event, will bring new focus to the LED market in Japan, where there is a large number of LED manufacturers, LED users, and suppliers of equipment and materials to the LED industry.

LED Japan/Strategies in Light will center on the worldwide market for high-brightness LEDs, including the systems that use the LEDs as well as the LEDs themselves. The HB LED market was estimated at $4.6B in 2007, with a projected growth rate through 2012 of 20%/year ($11.4B in 2012). The value of the systems in which HB LEDs are used (e.g. mobile phone displays, outdoor signs, automotive signals, lighting, etc.) are conservatively estimated to be in the range of $19-$24B in 2007, with a similar forecast market growth rate.

In addition to HB LED manufacturers, LED Japan/Strategies in Light will also attract companies that supply equipment, materials, and chemicals to these manufacturers. The size of this market is likely to be at least $2B. All elements of the HB LED vertical supply chain are represented in Japan, ranging from substrates, to process materials and chemicals, and to manufacturing equipment.

"Japan has been a major source of HB LED manufacturing, and in 2007 was estimated to have accounted for approximately 45% of the worldwide HB LED supply. Japan is home to the world's largest HB LED manufacturer, Nichia Corp., as well as 5 of the world's top 10 HB LED suppliers. Japan is also a large market for HB LEDs, accounting for about $1 billion in HB LED consumption in 2007,” said Robert Steele, Director of Optoelectronics Programs for Strategies Unlimited, who launched the original Strategies in Light in 2000.

"The launch of LED Japan/Strategies in Light reflects the trends that are occurring in the marketplace. LED products have become increasingly ubiquitous as they have penetrated a broad spectrum of markets which are impacting every aspect of our lives. LED Japan/Strategies in Light will place increased emphasis on these exciting new products and technologies,” said Jayne Gilsinger, senior VP, PennWell.

In addition to gaining in-depth information about the newest products and technologies that are impacting the market, conference attendees will meet the key decision makers in the buying process, and participate in important strategic dialogue.

"Whether you are a supplier, an LED manufacturer trying to reach customers, an attendee looking for new product information, or a buyer exploring the latest technologies, LED Japan/Strategies in Light can help you achieve your objectives," said Bob Hodgson, GM of Strategies in Light.

For information on sponsoring or exhibiting at LED Japan/Strategies in Light, contact:
Tim Carli at 650-941-3438 x23, or at [email protected]. Or
Manami Konishi at 03-3556-1575, or at [email protected].

For information on attending LED Japan/Strategies in Light, contact:
Luba Hrynyk at 603-891-9162, or at [email protected]. Or
Manami Konishi at 03-3556-1575, or at [email protected]