Oxford Instruments acquires HVPE developer TDI

April 11, 2008
Technologies and Devices International’s technology will enable Oxford to expand the range of products it already supplies to the HBLED market.
Oxford Instruments plc has announced the acquisition of Technologies and Devices International Inc (TDI), a developer of hydride vapour phase epitaxy (HVPE) technology and processes. HVPE can be used for the deposition (also known as "epitaxial growth") of high-quality material layers that are used as the starting point for LED device fabrication.

The acquisition is part of the strategy put in place by Oxford CEO Jonathan Flint to acquire complementary technologies and double the size of the group over five years.

TDI’s technology enables Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology to expand the range of products it already supplies to the high brightness LED (HBLED) market. The widespread use of HBLEDs, a very low energy light source, will significantly reduce carbon emissions, the company said.

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology currently supplies its Plasmalab range of etch and deposition tools to leading HBLED customers. The addition of HVPE opens up the opportunity to deliver products to the epitaxy sector of the market.

TDI’s technology gives HBLED manufacturers the benefits of lower manufacturing costs and improved output that HVPE delivers over conventional metal organic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD) techniques.

TDI will remain at its present US facility in Silver Spring, MD, to assure continuity of supply to existing customers of HVPE-grown III-nitride materials. Tatiana Dmitriev, president, and Dr Alexander Usikov, head of R&D, will continue to lead the team.