LED Industry News: Genesis Photonics, Indal, Osram & Dominant, ATG, Aixtron

Dec. 1, 2011
Genesis Photonics has completed the construction of its third LED plant in Taiwan, Indal’s acquisition by Philips has got the go-ahead, Osram has received a favorable ruling in a patent dispute with Dominant, and Hualei Optoelectronics has ordered further Aixtron MOCVD systems.
Genesis completes third plant in Taiwan

Genesis Photonics, a Taiwan-based LED chip maker, has completed the construction of its third plant, located at the Tainan Science Park (TSP), according to an article on the DigiTimes website. Genesis will install a 6-inch epitaxial-wafer production line in the plant.

The company will introduce new LED lighting module products by end of the year and expects shipments to begin in the first quarter of 2012.

The article quoted David Chung, chairman of Genesis Photonics, as saying that the company’s current capacity utilization rate is around 70%. Chung expects the fourth quarter of 2011 to be the low point of the LED industry, with shipments likely to increase in 2012.

Philips-Indal deal approved by regulators

The European Commission competition authorities have approved the acquisition of Spain-based Indal Group by Philips, according to an open letter from Sebastian Arias, Indal’s CEO.

The proposed acquisition was announced in June 2011 - see Philips to acquire LED outdoor-lighting specialist Indal. Arias said that the parties expect to close the deal and start the integration in January 2012, adding: “Together with Philips we can offer you an even richer portfolio of high‐value professional lighting solutions that enhance the livability and safety of our environment.”

LED patents

A German court has ruled in favor of Osram in its patent-infringement lawsuit against Dominant, a Malaysian LED manufacturer. The ruling concerns a group of patents covering conversion technology used in white LEDs.

The higher regional court in Karlsruhe confirmed that Dominant is illegally using or has used Osram AG technology covered by seven patents. The regional court in Mannheim had already reached the same verdict regarding three of these patents on July 2007.

Interestingly, another Malaysian company, MyLED, is planning to establish an LED manufacturing capability within the next few months. MyLED recently signed an LED-chip supply agreement with Osram.

In other patent news, the Chinese LED lighting manufacturer ATG Electronics Corp. has received multiple utility patents and a design patent for its LED products.

The utility patents cover various aspects of the products, including the dimming function, the smoothness of the light output, the internal power supply and electronic ballast for LED tubes, and built-in sensor technology for LED ceiling lights. The design patent covers mainly the thermal management technology for LED tubes.

Hualei Optoelectronics orders further Aixtron MOCVD systems

Axitron, the Germany-based supplier of MOCVD equipment for LED manufacturing, has announced that Xiang Nang Hualei Optoelectronics Ltd, of Hunan Province, China, has ordered eight new MOCVD reactors to boost its capacity for GaN HB-LED production.

The order includes six CRIUS II reactors in a 55x2-inch wafer configuration and two AIX G5 HT 56x2-inch wafer configuration systems. The systems have been installed in Hualei’s facility in Chenzhou, China. Hualei Optoelectronics ordered multiple CRIUS MOCVD systems from Aixtron in 2009. View the Aixtron press release.