Osram unveils Joule LED lighting system on Mercury car

June 23, 2005
Osram Sylvania has unveiled its Joule LED lighting system, with a standardized, plug & play design, on the 2006 Mercury Mountaineer.
2006 Mountaineer The Joule LED lighting system, first unveiled in December 2003 by Osram Sylvania, is to be used for the first time on the 2006 Mercury Mountaineer.

The Joule system is a bulb-type fixture that aims to make LED technology more accessible in the marketplace by providing OEM designers with a reliable, industry standardized LED light source to simplify the design process.

“Osram is the pioneer of LED standardization,” said Jim Johnson, executive VP and general manager of Global Automotive Lighting. “Consumers who purchase a 2006 Mountaineer will be among the first to experience this technologically advanced system that is the future of LED lighting.”

Joule fixture With its integrated, standardized mounting and thermal management approach, Joule can be used on many vehicle platforms for rear combination lamp (RCL) assemblies.

“The Joule system will allow OEMs to offer their customers LED lighting without the complexity and cost of a custom LED assembly,” said David Hulick, global auxiliary product manager.

In the Joule fixture (see photo), a number of LEDs are mounted beneath a circular cap (shown at top in the photo), and the light is directed towards a metalized optic. The large circular base of the fixture features a wrap-around heatsink, with an integrated USCAR electrical connector.

The LED light source is hidden from direct view, and this makes the Joule system ideal for use with clear-lens RCL assemblies. The system has an input power of 4.8 W and a rated flux of 64 lumens.

Prototype assembly A spokesperson for Osram Sylvania told LEDs Magazine that the number and type of LEDs used in the Joule system can be customized based on customer preference and performance requirements. The 2006 Mountaineer is equipped with a Joule system containing eight LEDs, while future system variations may use more or fewer LEDs. A combination of colors, such as yellow and red, can be used within a single Joule fixture. The 2006 Mountaineer uses two Joule fixtures, one on each side.