Sapphire wafer supply and demand remain in the balance (MAGAZINE)

Feb. 10, 2011
Sapphire wafer prices rose sharply during 2010, particularly for 2-inch material, but crystal growers are adding capacity and LED makers are looking at larger wafers. TIM WHITAKER reports.
The vast majority of gallium nitride (GaN) based LED chips are made from semiconductor layers grown on sapphire wafers. In the previous 12 months, the price of 2-inch sapphire wafers has risen dramatically, for a variety of reasons. “Currently, the price per unit area of 2-inch is essentially on a par with 4-inch,” says Eric Virey, an analyst with Yole Développement. “This provides LED makers with a significant improvement in costof- ownership for their MOCVD tools if they move to 4-inch, which can be a strong incentive to accelerate the switch.”

Virey says that pricing for 2-inch sapphire in Q4 2010 ranged from around $24 to above $30, depending on buying power, compared with around $11 at the same time last year.


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