MAZeT's MTCS-C3 colorimeter provides an LED test system for quality control and color measurement

July 13, 2015
CIE1931 XYZ Colorimeter board for color testing applications

Jena. The new MTCS-C3 product family from MAZeT enables users to implement their own True Color Colorimeter into lighting, backlight, color selection or other LED test applications. The MTCS-C3 is ideal to measure color coordinates (XYZ), CCT or brightness levels. The sensor system is based on the JENCOLOR® standard components MTCSiCF (True Color sensor) and MCDC04 (Signal converter). The sensor is based on the CIE1931 XYZ color standard, while the signal converter allows an output at 16/20 bit at a dynamic range of 1-to-1,000,000. The Evaluation Kit is prepared for specific customer calibrations in LED test applications.

The JENCOLOR® True Color sensors and signal ICs are an ideal solution for stabilization of LED light with regard to aging, binning and temperature shifts. Additionally used in industrial color measurement tasks, medial applications and for metrology solutions.

True Color measurement made simple
The sensor system is based on the JENCOLOR® standard components MTCSiCF (True Color sensor) and MCDC04 (Signal converter). Therefore displays can be measured at very low brightness levels and at high accuracy - even dimmable high brightness power LEDs at high temperatures (>100°C) and brightness levels can be measured close to the target.

The colorimeter for LED test application has a micro USB interface and can be directly controlled via Windows software. The software includes ADC parameters such as gain, integration time, offset correction, and divider options. The values can be individually calibrated to the application and have several output options (color spaces, export functions, etc.) The MTCS-C3 is an ideal solution for LED test during manufacturing or incoming goods inspection and is a cost-efficient solution to be utilized at multiple measurement points. A simple user calibration can be performed to the existing LED selection and as soon as color or brightness deviations occur, actions can be taken.

Even special features like flicker detection for displays are implemented. For customer-applications, an adaptation of the software is offered or they can use the DLL libraries to develop and integrate their own software solution.

The MTCS-C3 is available in 4 versions. As OEM-Board with and without metal casing or as Development Kit including software with or without metal casing. Only one software license is required to use it for multiple sensors.

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