Cotco launches Dorado one-watt high-lumen LED

Oct. 19, 2004
Cotco International Limited, an LED manufacturer based in Hong Kong, has launched the Dorado, a one-watt LED which the company says has the smallest footprint (7 x 7 mm) in the industry.
At the same time as unveiling its new one-watt Dorado LEDs, Cotco announced the expansion of its US operations, saying that it plans to dedicate more resources to the region.

Cotco is an LED packaging company and purchases LED chips from a variety of suppliers. The Dorado package has a power dissipation of 1 W for blue, green and white, and 0.33 W for red and amber.

The typical luminous flux is quoted as 9 lm for blue, 33 lm for green and 20 lm for white. The Dorado's performance is achieved through an exposed pad design that greatly improves thermal management. Cotco says that this results in excellent heat dissipation and longer lifespan while minimizing over-heat issues commonly encountered by users of high-power LEDs.

The product also features a molded lens package design that is intended to provide unrivalled usage, consistency and reliability, while greatly decreasing vibration and shock failures. The package footprint is 7 x 7 mm, while the hemespherical lens has a diameter of 5.6 mm

The Dorado is specifically designed to be suitable for reflow soldering, so that packaging can be implemented using existing SMT assembly equipment infrastructure.

Cotco claims that the Dorado is ideal for a diverse range of applications including interior and exterior architectural lighting, entertainment, large signage, decorative lighting, and landscape lighting.

"With the Dorado, Cotco is introducing a new breed of high efficiency LED lighting that sets industry standards and moves to another level of sophistication," said Richard Sy, General Manager of Cotco International Ltd. "The Dorado's matchless durability, reliability, and flexibility allow it to meet the diverse needs of specifiers, designers, and end users."

About Cotco

Founded in 1982 and working from its headquarters and base in Hong Kong, the Cotco Group has more than 20 years of experience and expertise in manufacturing in China. For over 10 years, the company has pioneered the development and delivery of high brightness LED components and technology for lamps, modules, displays and other applications for a broad range of industries, including full-color video screens, signage, traffic signals, automotive lighting, and specialty lighting.

Cotco's production base in China utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to take advantage of the fast-evolving LED market, weaving together innovative talent with unsurpassed engineering to drive new levels of performance and applications for LED products such as the Dorado.