Osram plans training sessions for LED lighting

July 9, 2007
A series of LED training courses in the UK and Ireland is intended to help electrical installers and lighting designers prepare for the future.
During September and October 2007, lighting manufacturer OSRAM is holding a practical half-day LED training course at 10 venues (all sports stadia) in the UK, and one in Ireland. With the LED market set to grow by around 34 per cent per annum for the next three years, the CPD (Continuous Professional Development) approved "OSRAM LED Training Course: Preparing you for the Future of Lighting" is an essential tool for electrical installers and lighting designers.

With in-depth information and live demonstrations on this increasingly popular, energy efficient light source, the course will provide installers and designers with everything they need to know about LED systems.

Over the last five years LEDs have been widely used in very specific applications, however, the technology is now increasingly being used for general lighting. Being very energy efficient, compact, easy to install and having a long life-span, low maintenance requirements and vast design capabilities in terms of creating colour and atmospheric mood lighting, LEDs are being hailed as the key light source of the future.

The simple and straightforward "OSRAM LED Training Course: Preparing you for the Future of Lighting" will take attendees through the theory and practice of how to design and install LED lighting solutions.

The practical aspect of the course includes step-by-step demonstrations, which cover where and how LEDs are installed. The theoretical sections explain why LEDs are becoming increasingly popular and how the market is likely to develop in the future. The technology’s benefits will also be discussed in detail, with a specific focus on energy efficiency and creative mood lighting.

The course will cover low power, high flux solutions and dynamic RGB systems, and will explain how to obtain maximum benefit from LEDs – including how to achieve optical enhancement and dramatic, atmospheric mood lighting.

Issues including IP (Ingress Protection) ratings, heat sinking and thermal management will be explored – as an understanding of these is vital to competently design and install LED systems, and for them to work at optimum performance.

The OSRAM LED Training Course: Preparing you for the Future of Lighting is being held at sports stadiums in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Norwich, Southampton, Middlesborough, Glasgow, Cardiff, Exeter and Dublin throughout September and October 2007. The half-day course runs between 10am and 2pm and costs £50 per person, which includes lunch, refreshments and a free stadium tour.

All attendees will receive a high quality OSRAM High Flux LED SYSTEM, which includes a module and driver, plus CPD certification to the value of four hours. Places are limited, so interested installers and lighting designers should register as soon as possible, by calling OSRAM on 01744 831 955.

David Ellis, OSRAM’s product marketing manager, said: “In recent years there’s been staggering growth in the LED market, and this is definitely set to continue. LEDs are energy efficient and very durable, with some being able to last for over 30 years. While these are very significant factors, other benefits that LEDs offer – such as the wide range of colours available, their versatility and their compact size – make the technology truly impressive. LEDs give installers, architects and designers an enormous amount of freedom to create new lighting solutions, some of which can be incredibly dramatic.

“LED technology really is the future of lighting, yet many installers and designers are reluctant to use them due to a lack of knowledge and understanding. Unfortunately there are also lots of myths surrounding LEDs, which the industry needs to dispel. For example, fitting LEDs previously required lots of wiring and soldering, but now ‘plug and play’ systems are available, making the installation much simpler.

“People working in the lighting trade need to make sure they are up to date with new technologies, so they are at the forefront of new trends and are prepared for the future. The OSRAM course has everything an installer or designer needs to become a LED expert, and the course is very interactive, with lots of opportunities to ask questions, try out some installations and get lots of good tips and ideas. Attendees should leave the course knowing how to design, set up and install LED systems – and feeling confident that they can give their customers sound, professional advice.”

OSRAM has been researching and developing LEDs since 1972. As a LED market leader, the company offers all equipment required for LED installations, including components, modules, control gear, controllers and some consumer luminaires. Its LED systems can be obtained in a range of colours and light outputs.

Course dates and venues:
September 11 – Emirates Stadium, London
September 12 – Stamford Bridge, London
September 17 – Villa Park, Birmingham
September 18 – City of Manchester, Manchester
September 26 – Carrow Road, Norwich
September 27 – St Mary’s, Southampton
October 9 – Riverside, Middlesbrough
October 11 – Hampden Park, Glasgow
October 16 – Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
October 17 – Sandy Park, Exeter
October 23 – Croke Park, Dublin