American Bright expands design and engineering service

June 27, 2007
A new Engineering Services Group to include thermal management, optical integration and driver design.
American Bright Optoelectronics Corporation has incorporated its existing Assembly Services Group into a comprehensive Engineering Services Group (ESG) that will provide a total design solution to the expanding solid state lighting industry.

The ESG is based at American Bright’s US corporate headquarters in Chino, CA, and incorporates engineering expertise in the fields of thermal management, secondary optics, lensing, driver design and manufacturing integration.

“We understand the necessity of proper thermal management in the design of solid-state lighting systems and recognized that this key design element was frequently treated as a secondary matter in the early design stages,” said George Lee, president of American Bright. “By providing an integrated thermal management solution on the front end of the design cycle, we can help assure that our clients have all of their bases covered before moving into the manufacturing phase.”

The ESG is independent and not limited to American Bright’s existing product offering, explains Lawrence Lee, National Sales and Marketing Manager. “We have already completed many projects wherein our ESG determined that a competitor’s LED device was better suited to the client’s needs. We have no problem with using a competitor’s device in manufacturing when it is considered the best solution.”

“Driver integration has also been an area wherein a third party is frequently limited to only providing [their own] solution," said Arthur Young, Director of Engineering at American Bright. “While we have our own driver IP, and it is very comprehensive, there are still many ‘boost and buck’ solutions available that are ideally suited for certain specific applications.”

In the longer term American Bright plans to add an optical engineering expert to the staff, and currently offers optical solutions through several third-party partnership agreements.