LED2007 conference aims to showcase light on the move

Dec. 5, 2006
A conference in February in the Netherlands will discuss new LED lighting applications, covering indoor lighting, outdoor beautification, industrial lighting and public lighting.
The LED2007 Conference & Showcase takes place in Eindhoven, the Netherlands on February 13, 2007 and is subtitled "Light on the move". The event will look at new LED applications, and the technical possibilities and challenges now and in the near future.

LEDs Magazine is very pleased to announce that its readers can qualify for a 15% discount on the entrance fee. Please contact the organizers.

LED2007 program
The program of LED2007 consists of six parts:
• A high-quality conference where current market experiences are exchanged with visions and new developments;
• Showcase, where exhibitors present their products and developments.
• Pavilions on the Showcase, where knowledge institutes, sector organisations and related organisations present themselves;
• Technological schools and demonstrations on OLEDs, technical developments of LEDs, secondary optics, thermal design, electric design.
• Scientific and application poster sessions in LEDs and OLEDs.
• Parallel access to the Photonics2007 Conference.

LED2007/Photonics2007 Showcase
At the LED/Photonics Showcase, companies and research organisations present their latest and future products to all conference attendees. Registration, breaks, lunch and the buffet dinner will all take place at the Showcase. During the day and evening the conference participants will be given ample opportunity to get more closely acquainted with the various companies and research institutes and their products or research.

At the end of the conference the reception and dinner buffet will provide excellent networking opportunities.

Visit the LED2007 website for more information on the program, registration, venue and other activities.