Bergquist introduces Bond-Ply TCP-1000 thermal material

Dec. 4, 2006
A new material combines better thermal performance than FR-4 with ease of processing.
The Bergquist Company has unveiled its latest dielectric prepreg material for the HB LED marketplace. Bond-Ply TCP-1000 competes with epoxy glass on aluminum constructions (such as FR-4 board) and offers superior thermal performance. It combines ease of processing with the high performance characteristics of a thermally conductive polymer dielectric.

The new material is specifically intended as a high performance alternative to FR-4 and offers 3.5x better thermal performance, allowing for performance levels needed to increase lumens per watt output while effectively managing LED device temperature.

Bergquist's Michael Stoll told LEDs Magazinethat the new Bond-Ply TCP-1000 effectively fills a performance gap in the LED market. "The performance of the new material is significantly better than FR-4," he says. "For even higher thermal performance, Bergquist already offers ThermalClad MP and LTI insulated metal substrates, but these might be over-engineered for some applications."

Bond-Ply TCP-1000 features a panel lamination process similar to traditional FR-4 epoxy glass. Laminated panels are available in various thicknesses depending on the base metal and circuit foil thickness. The standard sheet size is 18 x 24 inches.