Future Lighting Solutions introduces Usable Light Tool

Nov. 9, 2006
A new online resource allows lighting designers to calculate how LEDs will behave in real-world system.
Factors affecting usable light Future Lighting Solutions, a division of Future Electronics, has launched its Usable Light Tool, to help lighting designers and engineers to model and evaluate power LED performance for lighting under “real-world” conditions.

The online tool delivers side-by-side analysis of light output, efficiency and other metrics critical to lighting engineers.

Designers and engineers often rely on datasheet values to determine their choice of LED. However, actual LED performance changes based on the engineering of the system for temperature and electrical conditions. Without accounting for these factors, designers and engineers will not achieve their intended result.

"In the past, customers were limited to analyze high-power LEDs assuming a junction temperature of 25°C, which would yield incomplete and inaccurate analysis results," said Patrick Durand, worldwide technical applications engineer with Future Lighting Solutions. "This tool addresses these limitations and more in order to help lighting engineers in making critical design decisions."

The tool allows the user to choose LEDs and modify parameters such as the number of LEDs, the ambient temperature and the thermal resistance of the system. The user will then receive outputs detailing the "usable light" and system efficiencies they can expect using those specifications.

"The Usable Light Tool empowers customers, for the first time, to incorporate all relevant data points and charts from high-power LED datasheets into a user-friendly online tool to determine the usable light that can be generated from high-power LEDs under a variety of real world scenarios," said Durand.

Because the Usable Light Tool allows the user to change various parameters, the designer can experiment in order to determine how to achieve the most light out of his application.

Future Lighting Solutions’ Usable Light Tool is available at www.futureelectronics.com/lumileds. New users will have to perform a simple and quick registration process in order to gain access to this resource.