Lumileds announces new pricing scheme for Luxeon I and III LEDs

Jan. 10, 2006
Press release from Lumileds Lighting
Lumileds Lighting and Future Electronics today re-set industry expectations for the price and value of high-power LEDs releasing new manufacturer suggested retail pricing (MSRP) for Luxeon® III and Luxeon® I LEDs.
Luxeon III pricing

Lumileds new pricing positions the industry's most widely used high-power LEDs as the clear value leaders and demonstrates Lumileds commitment to rapidly growing the market for solid-state lighting technology.

A white Luxeon III Emitter, for example, is now priced at $3.45 for quantities less than 10,000 units; this delivers an incredible 23 lumens per dollar. Luxeon I Emitter pricing is as low as $1.30 in low volumes.

The new pricing is in effect immediately, worldwide, and is available on the companies web sites as well as for online orders. Pricing for the company's most technically advanced LED, Luxeon K2 is also being made available online simultaneously with the products launch this week.

"As the market's only high volume producer of power LEDs, Lumileds is delivering the technology that will help to grow the market for solid-state lighting," said Mark Swoboda, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing for Lumileds. "With Luxeon® III LEDs lighting designers and engineers can move forward creating brighter LED-based lighting products while simultaneously taking advantage of the light output, longer life and other technical benefits of our Luxeon technology."

"The importance of both value and performance in solid-state light sources cannot be underestimated," said Richard Wojtowicz, Technical Director at Carmanah Corporation, an international manufacturer of signage and lighting system applications. "Our products cannot trade performance or quality for price. Luxeon III LEDs value propositions are enabling us to speed development of new products and continue to build on our application and solution leadership and meet our customers' needs."

A single white Luxeon III LED generates typical light output of 80+ lumens per emitter and 190+ lumens per emitter in red-orange. Also available in green, cyan, blue, royal blue, red, and amber, Luxeon III LEDs set lumens-per-dollar, lumens-per-emitter and lumens-per-package performance standards for the industry. Luxeon III LEDs are widely used for architectural, entertainment, backlighting, automotive, and portable applications.

Luxeon LEDs offers a rugged package design that prevents premature breakdown through superior thermal management and a zero-stress encapsulation system, and a patented conformal coating process that delivers the industry's only uniformly white solid-state light source. All Luxeon LEDs offer industry-leading lumen maintenance ratings. Full details on product performance for all Luxeon® LEDs are available from their respective datasheets online.