SemiLEDs' new facility boosts LED chip production capacity

July 9, 2009
A new facility in Taiwan will boost SemiLEDs’ monthly production of power chips to 15 million per month.
LED maker SemiLEDs Corp. has announced the opening of a third production facility in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. The company is based in Boise, Idaho.

The new production facility brings SemiLEDs’ capacity for 1x1mm high-power LED chips to 15 million per month.

SemiLEDs’ LED chips (blue, green, UV) are manufactured and processed using its unique and proprietary MvpLED process, which involves a vertical LED chip structure and a copper alloy base. This, says the company, enables a very low thermal resistance (0.4 K/W), as well as providing various optical and electrical advantages.

The company’s press release claims that packaged LEDs using SemiLEDs 1x1mm chips typically produce over 110 lumens at 5000K and 350mA.

“We are pleased to launch our new LED production facility. Along with our ongoing collaboration with Aixtron on 6-inch wafers [see News], this new facility will enhance our power LED capacity and allow us to stay ahead of ever increasing demand,” said Trung Doan, CEO of SemiLEDs.

“We are also very proud that our LEDs maintain the lowest carbon footprint on the market due to our sapphire reclamation process.”

SemiLEDs says that its LED chips in blue, green and UV have been gaining “tremendous demand” from LED packagers and chip-on-board integrators due to “their vertical structure, industry-leading thermal resistance and low forward voltage, all of which contribute greatly to efficiency and reliability.”