WEBCAST: Optimizing LED Performance Through Heat Management

Sept. 24, 2009
This Webcast discussed the effect of heat on LED fixtures, and described how thermal management techniques involving heat sinks and active cooling can assist in product design.
Title: Optimizing LED Performance Through Heat Management

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Originally Broadcast: 29 October 2009


  • Martin Schön, Thermal Management Product
    Manager, Sapa Extrusions
  • Mick Wilcox, Director of Marketing, Nuventix
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As product designers develop higher powered LEDs for the lighting, medical and home entertainment product markets, thermal management increasingly becomes an obstacle.

Heat sinks have a significant impact on how LED fixtures perform. They affect the life, power consumption and light output of the fixture. The first part of the presentation will discuss material and design options available to LED fixture designers to help minimize the junction temperature and optimize overall performance. Design tools will be presented that help predict and compare junction temperatures between various heat sink designs. A case study will be used to highlight the real-life benefit of these tools. Additionally, advanced cooling technologies available to meet extremely challenging applications will be presented.

To bring high powered/high brightness LEDs to market, an active cooling solution can greatly aid in applications that use many tightly packed LEDs, have a small volume or surface area where natural convection is inadequate or that are located where the ambient temperature is high. Active cooling allows the lumen output of individual LEDs to increase without the repercussion of thermal damage or lower life expectancies. Heat is a killer for LEDs and active cooling allows lumen output today not projected possible for years down the line. The second part of the presentation will discuss how active cooling in conjunction with passive aids innovative product designs and overcomes LED thermal barriers.


Sapa Extrusions:
Sapa, the world's largest aluminum profile company, brings extensive capabilities in product development to customers throughout North America and the rest of the world. Sapa has experience producing a wide range of shapes, sizes, heat sinks and other demanding high-tech applications. Our extrusion knowledge is coupled with expertise in fabrication and finishing providing complete solutions to our customers. Contact us today at www.sapagroup.com and watch your solutions take shape. Nuventix:
Nuventix is an active thermal management solutions company located in Austin, Texas. The Nuventix-developed SynJet® module is a newly patented synthetic jet cooling technology that utilizes turbulent pulses of air generated from an electromagnetic actuator. Based on early success with computer cooling, Nuventix's innovative approach to LED cooling is propelling that market forward two years ahead of analyst estimates - truly affecting the industry and allowing general illumination designs to harvest the efficiencies of the LED. Synthetic jet technology using Nuventix's patented methods means revolutionary thermal solutions that are applicable to a wide variety of industries, including consumer electronics, telecommunications, automotive and industrial. Businesses and consumers are demanding more computing power and higher LED lumen output packaged into smaller spaces. Nuventix customers will have more flexibility in product design, thus increasing their value and differentiation in the marketplace. For more information, please visit: www.nuventix.com.


Mick Wilcox
Director of Marketing, Nuventix

Mick Wilcox received his MBA from Regis University in Denver, Colorado and his undergraduate degree from the University of Wyoming in Mathematics. He has authored and co-authored numerous conference papers in the thermal and telecommunications fields and has patented work in both fields as well. He is currently the Director of Marketing for Nuventix’ SynJet modules and is responsible for the marketing and business development for the product.

Martin Schön
Thermal Management Product Manager, Sapa Extrusions

Martin Schon is Product Manager for Sapa Thermal Management, responsible for technical development of Heatsink products. He holds a MSME with major in Energy system, which he received from the University of Vaxjo in Sweden.
Mr. Schon has 10 years experience in designing and manufacturing of cooling systems by using Aluminum Extrusions and has served as Manager for Sapa’s Cooling Competence Center in Europe between 2003-2008. He has extensive hands on experience of LED fixture design from thermal/ production point of view. He is a author or co-author of several journal articles of Heatsinks by using aluminum extrusion.