Sept. 17, 2008
SemiLEDs, a US corporation with operations in Taiwan, describes itself as the only metal vertical LED chip manufacturer.
SemiLEDs Corporation is one of the world’s leading providers of high-performance LEDs. SemiLEDs is the only manufacturer of vertical LEDs on a metal alloy substrate; the MvPLED™.

These devices are fabricated using SemiLEDs’ proprietary and patented technologies. MvPLED™ is the next generation of high-power LED for solid-state lighting applications.

Why MvPLED™?

SemiLEDs’ chip has been optimally designed, solving common problems of many conventional LEDs, such as thermal management and current spreading. With our breakthrough technology and innovation, our LED chips deliver better performance, capable of more than 100 lm/W at 350mA driving current.

The vertical design of the chip directs current in a straight path from the top n-contact to the bottom p-contact, preventing current crowding. This improves the efficiency at higher currents and allows for chip scaling with maintained performance levels.

To improve thermal management, the metal alloy substrate was specifically designed with its high thermal conductivity at 400 W/m-K, maximizing operating current and output power. Together, these properties allow the MvPLED™ to operate in extreme conditions that are less suitable for conventional LEDs on sapphire or other materials.

SemiLEDs’ MvPLED™ devices are fabricated with a thinned n-GaN up structure that enhances light output efficiency and maximizes the vertical injection of current into the device’s active layer.

With the vertical structure and ultra-thin GaN, MvpLED devices exhibit a nearly perfect Lambertian light emission pattern. SemiLEDs’ MvPLED™ light output is further optimized to have a maximized effective emitting area.

Applications and Products

SemiLEDs offers LED chips appropriate for general lighting, architectural, medical, automotive, and LCD backlight unit applications. The MvPLED™ can be used up to 5 Watt applications. Current products are available in wavelengths ranging from near UV, blue and green. Please contact [email protected] for any inquiries.

About the Company

SemiLEDs Corporation is one of the world’s leading providers of high-performance LEDs suitable for general lighting applications. SemiLEDs’ LED chips are among the brightest and the most efficient in the market today.

Utilizing a copper alloy substrate, SemiLEDs has successfully developed and commercialized MvPLED™ technology (Metal vertical Photon Light Emitting Diode). With metal substrate and unique device structure, SemiLEDs’ MvPLED™ has better electrical and thermal conductivity; increasing brightness, efficiency, and better heat transfer.

SemiLEDs’ MvPLED™ chips are suitable for lighting applications including display, signage, communication, automotive, and general lighting. One of our goals is to initiate a Solid State Lighting revolution.

SemiLEDs is a U.S. corporation backed by multi-billion-dollar companies. The company is headquartered in Boise, Idaho with operations in Hsinchu, Taiwan.