LED luminaires “will be installed in new homes by fall 2005”

May 19, 2005
Permlight has introduced a complete line of low-cost LED-based products for the new home market, which are compliant with energy codes and Energy Star 4.0.
Permlight Products has introduced a complete line of LED-based residential luminaires for the new home construction market. The company claims that these will be installed in new homes in fall 2005.
EnbrytenLED Cove The company also says that the EnbrytenLED line is also the first set of LED luminaires to be fully compliant with California Energy Commission Title 24 energy codes and the Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star 4.0 standard scheduled for release this fall. In conjunction with LED manufacturers Osram Opto Semiconductors and Cree, Permlight is able to introduce its luminaires in standard efficacy (25-35 lumens per watt) or high efficacy (40-55 lumen per watt) versions by simply changing the LED module.

Based around Permlight’s patented thermal management technology, the EnbrytenLED line includes step lights, hallway and walkway lighting, cove lighting, pendants, and a versatile recessed can light and surface mount ceiling light.

As a departure from conventional LED luminaire design, the products feature Permlight's completely replaceable and serviceable modular LED technology where LED boards (the light bulb) and power supplies (ballasts) are easily changed with a screwdriver. All products are designed to fit existing new construction electrical configurations and all run on line voltage (90-240VAC) and do not require external or remotely mounted power units.

"We were told by the big three lighting companies that it would be years before we saw LEDs in homes," commented Manuel Lynch, President and CEO of Permlight Products. "We are quite pleased to announce that as early as fall 2005 people will be moving into homes using our new advanced low-cost luminaires.

EnbrytenLED Down EnbrytenLED fixtures all include Permlight's new thermal management technologies which use specialized textures and surface treatments to enhance thermal evacuation. These permit the company to produce luminaires with light output up to 800 lumens with average selling prices near or equivalent to their halogen, incandescent, or fluorescent counterparts.

The Enbryten Down product uses a new surface-relief texturized heatsink technology, and a newly developed total internal reflection (TIR) lens. The product also uses Kineform diffusers, a new holographic film technology that allow home builders and home owners to create virtually any light shape and pattern desired by simply dropping in a thin sheet of plastic.

"Who says that high tech energy efficient products have to be unfashionably ugly," commented Nate Doney, Marketing Manager for the new residential line. "We have had countless meetings with purchasing managers, architects, and engineers in the new home construction market and we keep hearing that they like our prices and like the quality of the products."

Permlight plans on expanding the EnbrytenLED residential line-up this fall with new wall sconces, chandeliers, porch lights, and vanity lights.

Details of current EnbrytenLED products