Permlight sues Microsemi over defective LED products

July 28, 2005
Lighting systems manufacturer Permlight Products has filed a lawsuit against Microsemi, alleging that Microsemi issued a certificate of conformance on defective products.

Permlight is claiming damages of $1 million.

"Manufacturers of LED lighting systems and luminaires are at the mercy of LED suppliers to provide reliable products and accurate performance data, so that we can provide low cost, low energy, and long lifetime products," commented Greg Honegger, CFO of Permlight Products.

Honegger says that there is "an infusion of new low-cost and unreliable LED component players into the marketplace."

"We wanted to make sure that they [the suppliers] know they are part of a community that needs to provide reliable products that at minimum meet their advertised specifications."

Microsemi has previously announced that it has closed the factory in Watertown, MA that provided the faulty products.

Permlight Products is headed by CEO Manuel Lynch, who is a former employee of Microsemi.

Permlight is a leading developer and manufacturer of thermally managed LED lighting systems for signage, visual merchandising, safety lighting, refrigeration/ freezer retrofit products, educational lighting systems, marine products and residential lighting.

Using its enabling patented thermal management techniques for spreading and dissipating heat, Permlight is well known for providing low cost solid state lighting systems.