MechaTronix launches universal cooler for LED thermal management of BJB module

Feb. 17, 2015

The BJB LED star cooler GH36d is specifically designed for LED thermal management in luminaires using the BJB GH36d series LED modules and various brands of COB LED modules mounted by BJB Zhaga Book 3 or Zhaga Book 11 LED holders. The compact module GH36d consists of a based and encapsulated LED lamp with suitable Twist & Lock lamp holder.

The pre-tensioned leaf springs which are fixed with two standard screws, ensure a defined contact pressure of the light source to the heat sink and thereby a constant heat dissipation and stable LED thermal management.

The versions with 1200 lm, 2000 lm, and 3000 lm luminous flux, as well as with 3000K and 4000K color temperature, enable an easy entry with low-maintenance, flexible LED solutions into shops, offices and the hospitality field.

With a thermal resistance of 1.1°C/W in a diameter of 99 mm, the BJB LED star cooler offers a perfect passive cooling platform for luminaires up to 5000 lm. Through a modular mounting pattern the GH36d LED cooler offers a wide platform of mechanical exchangeability – including Zhaga Book 3 and Zhaga Book 11 mounting platforms.

Specific on this design is the advanced performance under tilted positioning. While most star-shaped LED coolers lose over 30% of their LED thermal management capacity once tilted over angles of more than 40 degrees, this design is optimized for tilting luminaires like track spots and globes.

Samples are available through the BJB and MechaTronix worldwide distributor channels.




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