MechaTronix expands high bay cooler program for LED thermal management

Dec. 3, 2015
Many Tier A LED brands like Cree, Citizen and Tridonic have recently boosted their offerings in COB LED packages with new models producing lumen output from 10,000 all the way up to 20,000 lumen. As ECO partner of most Tier A LED brands, MechaTronix took up the gauntlet to develop a range of high power passive coolers for LED thermal management.

Five months ago MechaTronix announced its first off-the-shelf high bay LED cooler for designs up to 10,000 lumen with the ModuLED Mega LED heat sink design. Now a second platform of standard coolers for LED thermal management is released for high bay and industrial LED designs up to 15,000 lumens.

The ModuLED Giga is a passive high bay LED cooler in a diameter of 152mm and height 150mm with an optimal thermal performance of 0.46°C/W. In these compact dimensions 100W of dissipated power, equivalent to 150W electrical power, would lead to a temperature rise of 40°C over the ambient temperature.

The modular design of the ModuLED Giga allows direct mounting of a wide variety of LED modules direct on the LED cooler, without the need of extra drilling and tapping. Most suitable LED engines for high bay designs over 10,000 lumen like the Cree CXA3070 or CXA3590, Citizen Citiled CLU56 third generation, Edison Edipower III HM high power or Tridonic Talexx Stark FLE can be fixed immediately to the ModuLED Giga. Besides modularity on use of LED modules, also with regard to driver and optics flexibility the ModuLED Giga is one-of-a-kind. Creating a flush-look with the Mean Well HBG-160 high bay LED driver on the top, or adding an external driver box for your other driver of choice, can achieve your design requirements.

Optics-wise MechaTronix has developed standard optic adaptors which allow immediate implementation of a variety of lenses and reflectors. On the same optic adaptor a score of lenses as well as reflectors in aluminum and polycarbonate can be mounted. Design-wise MechaTronix has followed the most common industrial standards for optics that are usable in high bays.

Since thermal validation in this extreme high power range is critical, MechaTronix performs extended lab tests with combinations of each high power COB package with the LED cooler and publishes these results per brand in a thermal management compatibility matrix. Small variations like size of the board, pressure of the fixation from the board to the LED cooler, internal junction to case thermal resistance and the use of perfect thermal interface material have such a big thermal impact in extreme power designs, that MechaTronix advises customers to ask for consultancy with new designs.