MechaTronix launches pin fin style LED coolers for tilted spotlights

June 19, 2015
With the advantage of pin fin LED coolers under tilted position, MechaTronix announces 2 more diameters as standard available. The second generation pin fin LED coolers are developed for optimized free air convection under tilted positions of spotlights and tracklights over 45 degrees. Typically under heavy inclined positioning, LED coolers need a far more open structure at the side to prevent obstruction of hot rising air.

MechaTronix is keen on developing situation specific LED coolers per LED brand, and offers in this way an optimal performance which exceeds existing cooling platforms by over 30%. As an example, they launch now the LPF67 and LPF86 advanced pin fin LED coolers. In a diameter of 67mm and 86mm, these advanced LED coolers keep respectively 3500-lumen and 4500-lumen spotlights and tracklights within the required case and junction temperature even under a full horizontal 90 degrees positioning.

The LPF47 and LPF67 advanced pin fin LED coolers are standard foreseen from Zhaga Book 3 and Zhaga Book 11 mounting holes, as well as an advanced pattern for direct mounting of COB LED modules. Besides better performance under tilted position, the weight of these pin fin LED coolers is far lower than extruded star shaped LED coolers with similar performance. The diameter of 86mm was chosen during development to create a 3000-to-4500-lumen passive replacement for tilted active cooled tracklights and spotlights from the past. A few months ago MechaTronix launched a similar diameter 86mm star shaped LED cooler, the ModuLED Micro, for similar replacement of active cooled spotlights and downlights under vertical position. Now with this next generation pin fin cooler it seems active cooling is completely banned in spot and down light applications.


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