HeatSinkCalculator allows rapid, online thermal analysis and optimization of heat sinks

Jan. 5, 2015
Introducing the HeatSinkCalculator, an online calculator used to design, analyze and optimize heat sinks in various flow conditions.

This simple yet powerful calculator allows the rapid design and analysis of heat sinks by novices and experts in thermal analysis. The key features of the calculator are:
• Simulation of the heat sink undergoing natural convection with the heat sink base in both the horizontal and vertical orientations
• Forced convection analysis with the input of a fixed volumetric flow rate, constant velocity or fan curve data points
• Variable heat sink emissivity to account for radiation
• Adjustable heat source size
• Dimensional optimization to automatically find the lowest temperature heat sink design

CFD analysis is an excellent tool that can be used to accurately analyze heat sinks in various flow conditions. However its main drawback is that it can be very time consuming especially if you are analyzing several design options or trying to figure out which design best meets your thermal requirement.
The HeatSinkCalculator allows the user to set up and analyze a heat sink within minutes. Changes can be made to the design parameters quickly and the analysis re-run in seconds unlike CFD analysis that may take several minutes or even hours to conduct one analysis.
The optimization feature allows the user to find the optimum heat sink design that minimizes the heat sink thermal resistance by varying the number of fins, base thickness and fin thickness.
Visit http://www.heatsinkcalculator.com to try the free demo and obtain more information about the product.



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