OLED News: Samsung invests in Novaled, PPG supplies Universal

Samsung has invested in Novaled AG in order to increase its presence in the OLED space.

Samsung Venture Investment Corporation (SVIC), the venture capital arm of the Samsung Group, has invested an undisclosed sum in Novaled AG, a technology and materials provider specializing in high-efficiency, long-lifetime organic LEDs (OLEDs) based in Dresden, Germany.

“Novaled is a technology leader and has built a significant business in the OLED space,” said Michael Pachos, Senior Investment Manager at SVIC. “The company has demonstrated both a technical and business vision in driving adoption of OLED displays and lighting and we look forward to contributing to the progress of Novaled.”

“SVIC’s investment confirms the importance of our technology and our specific materials for the OLED industry. Samsung’s shareholding will reinforce our leading position and help serve all our customers better.” said Gildas Sorin, Novaled Chief Executive Officer.

Novaled’s PIN OLED technology is designed to reduce the energy consumption of OLEDs while enabling longer lifetimes. Its white PIN OLED device structures have demonstrated 60 lm/W efficacy and initial brightness of 1000 cd/m2 using a commercially-available fluorescent blue-emitting material.

Sorin has stated that “Once phosphorescent blue emitter materials become real commercial products our technology will allow for a further boost in OLED device efficiencies showing the way to exceed above 100 lm/w and long life time.”

Along the topic of improved OLED materials, PPG Industries Inc. (NYSE:PPG) has extended its agreement with Universal Display Corp. of Ewing, NJ, to supply OLED materials and services in response to market growth in OLED lighting and display industries.

As per the new agreement, Pittsburgh, PA-based PPG will remain the exclusive manufacturer of Universal Display’s proprietary phosphorescent OLED materials. The new agreement, which expires on December 31, 2014, will replace Universal Display’s current materials supply and service agreement with PPG Industries.

Using PPG’s material system, Universal Display has developed a warm-white, all-phosphorescent OLED lighting panel with an efficacy of 58 lm/W and 30,000 hours of operating lifetime (to 70 percent of initial luminance).

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