Power Projector develops LED light engine for projection

A UK-based optical design company has developed a novel, high-efficiency light engine for projection applications.

An Edinburgh, UK-based company is taking a new approach to the design of optical projection systems and is currently developing a novel light engine for use in projection applications.

Power Projector Ltd, which specialises in illumination and projection optics, initially developed the light engine as the core component for a miniature projection system using LEDs.

The light engine design is scaleable, so that it can be used in a variety of different applications, ranging from a new class of miniature projectors to large-scale projection and lighting systems.

The novel light engine design incorporates an efficient polarization recovery mechanism, which allows increased output when used in conjunction with liquid crystal displays (LCDs), both transmissive and LCoS.

Power Projector's founder, David Steven, believes that the drive towards using LEDs to replace conventional lamp technology in projection and lighting applications requires a new approach in the optical design of the collection systems, in particular for the miniaturisation of products such as portable projectors.

To this end, Power Projector is looking to license existing and future technologies which will create highly efficient, compact light collection systems, while providing custom optical solutions through its Optical Design Consultancy Service.

For more information, contact info@powerprojector.com or visit Power Projector's website.

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